Destiny 2 PC Errors, Crashes, Bugs, Connection, Ban Issues, Server, Login and Other Related Problems

How to fix Destiny 2 PC errors, crashes, bugs, connectivity issues, startup crashes, servers issues, trumpet errors, and other related problems.

Finally, the PC master race can experience the world of Guardians as Destiny 2 has been released on PC. If you didn’t already know, Destiny 1 was never released on PC so this is the first time PC gamers are going to get the taste of Bungie’s famous MMO style shooter. Now since the game is on PC now, there are some technical issues expected specially around launch.

Possible Destiny 2 PC errors, bugs or crashes could be a common sight at various public forums however, finding a solution to a specific problem can be troublesome sometimes. While we will be doing a detailed analysis how Destiny 2 runs on PC, in the meanwhile, if you are experiencing any Destiny 2 PC errors or other related issues, you can check out our troubleshooting guide:

Destiny 2 PC Errors, Crashes, Bugs and Fixes

#1 Destiny 2 PC Slow Downloads
Well, since it’s launch period, low download speeds are expected as servers will be crowded with users from all over the world. However, if your download is stuck (even at 0 kb/s), you should try deleting the cache of your client. Restart your client and the download should proceed normally.

#2 Destiny 2 PC Buffalo error
If you are getting this error then this means that your account is logged in on another PC. So if you want to get in, logout from everywhere else and then try again. This should resolve the issue and you won’t get the error.

#3 Destiny 2 PC Saxophone error
You will encounter this error if you are trying to launch the game from the .exe file. You need to launch the game from to make it work.

#4 Destiny 2 PC Crashes on Task Switching (Alt + Tab)
If you are using AMD’s crossfire, Alt + tab is a cancer for you for the time being as it will crash your game when you try to get back in. Bungie is aware of the issue and a fix would be rolled out soon.

#5 Destiny 2 PC Refuses to Start and Crashes on Startup
If you have the latest drivers installed and the game is still crashing for you on startup, make sure that you don’t have any pending Windows updates left. Update your system, restart, and see if it does the magic.

#6 Destiny 2 PC Trumpet Errors
If you are encountering any of the trumpet errors, you should try changing the region from client. It’s also a known issue and Bungie is looking for a fix.

#7 Destiny 2 PC, Can’t Close the Game With Controller
To Exit out of the game, any option should be selected via mouse as controller can’t handle those commands yet. Will they be fixed? Maybe, but for now, you will have to use mouse to exit out of the game.

#8 Destiny 2 PC Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSSE3) Processor Issue
If you don’t own a processor that supports SSSE3, your game isn’t going to work. So you can either change your hardware or ask for a refund as there is no official support for it for the time being.

#9 Destiny 2 PC Servers Not Available Issue
If you are using multiple network adapters, you need to disable one that is not being used. Multiple adapters can cause connectivity issues so disabling the unused adapters can fix the issue for you.

#10 Destiny 2 PC has Stopped Working
If you are getting this error on launch, you should make sure that there are no pending updates for your operating system (Windows Updates). If there are, download and install them to resolve the issue.

#11 Destiny 2 PC Crashes After Character Creation
If none of the above mentioned workarounds have worked, you need to wait of official update as Bungie is actively looking into these crashes and expect to resolve them soon.

#12 Destiny 2 PC Player Got Banned
A lot of users are complaining that they got banned for no reason. Well, if you are using any tool or software that tries to inject code into Destiny 2, it will ban you. You can read more about it here. If it was an accident, you should contact support and try to make your case.

This is a work in progress. We will add more information to this guide with time so don’t forget to check back soon. In the meanwhile, you can also check out our guides to a be a good guardian in Destiny 2 PC.

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