Destiny 2 New Light Best Class Guide

As you start playing Destiny 2, you will be asked to choose a class in New Light. The game provides...

As you start playing Destiny 2, you will be asked to choose a class in New Light. The game provides you with three different options at the beginning and your choices of classes will be: Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. The choice that you will make is going to impact the whole experience of your game so we have put together this Destiny 2 New Light guide for you to figure out the best class for all situations.

Destiny 2 New Light Best Class

All the classes are completely different from each other and what makes them different are the subclasses. Titan is a tanked up, melee class while Hunter is more of an agile ninja class with range weaponry.

Warlock is a bit different as it provides you with a more magical, literally magical experience. They are wizards who do space magic and you can’t help yourself but feel superior in every way if you play with this class.

Titans can play defensively when they bring out their shield while Hunters can go invisible and attack enemies which creates a bit of chaos around. Warlocks, the magical class, can provide healing when their team needs it or wreack havoc with elemental magic.

Now, honestly, just pick whatever class you think suits your general playstyle better because seriously, you need to work for each of them. In the end, all these classes are unique and necessary in their own way.

Each has a different look, abilities, and exotics. Plus you have to take care and see what your friends have chosen and based on that, you can proceed by choosing what they haven’t chosen.

Best Destiny 2 Class
Titans come out to be the strongest due to the heavy armor suit they wear. At the base, there is the Striker subclass.

The Fists of Havoc which charges your fists and smash them to the ground force of a maelstrom. The attack leaves a damage-dealing field which inflicts damage till in air.

There are Pulse Grenade and Flashbang Grenade, which, when explode, cause major damage to the enemies in the radius. Then there is the Lightning Grenade which sticks to the surface you keep it on and then emits out lightning bolts. You can recharge your grenade by attacking the enemy with Seismic Strike.

Titan is very good at defending as well. There is the Towering Barricade, which is a shield that it draws out for the protection from fire and then there is the Rally Barricade, which is comparatively a smaller shield but it is for the purpose to protect yourself and attack as well.

Then there are the jumps which include the High Lift and Strafe which are airborne jumps that activate Lift and launch into the air. Catapult Lift is also the airborne jump that activates Lift and launch but this jump comes with a strong initial burst of momentum.

The Sentinel subclass that lets you bring out a shield that can protect and attack. You can throw the shield around in order to attack someone with that shield and then use that shield as a protective barrier as well.

The Sentinel subclass also allows you to choose from Magnetic Grenade which attaches to the enemies and explodes twice. Then there is the Voidwall Grenade which creates a horizontal wall of burning Void Light. In the end, is the Suppressor Grenade which prevents enemies from using abilities for a short time.

The Code of Protector gives you the Ward of Dawn which causes a dome of shield around you if you’re Super Energy is full.

Then there comes the Sunbreaker subclass. There is the Hammer of Sol super which you can activate in order to throw flaming projectiles.

Then there are Grenades among which are Incendiary Grenade which causes an explosion that sets enemies on fire. There are Thermite Grenades which cause a forward burning line of fire. Last, you see the Fusion Grenade which burns enemies when it attaches to targets.

From the Code of Fire-Forged is the Hammer Strike which can weaken the enemy and there is the Battle Forge which causes the enemies, hit by the Hammer of Sol, to explode.

There is the Code of the Siegebreaker, which has Sun Warrior where the kills by Solar Ability restore your health and kills by Grenade and Melee Ability leave a deadly Sunspot in their wake.

These abilities, among so many others, make Titan a very worthy class for me. It has all abilities including defensive, offensive, and even healing. You can still choose whichever class you like because in the end, to level up the class, you need a lot of patience and grinding.