Destiny 2 Black Armory Niobe Labs Puzzle Guide – How to Complete

With the help of our Destiny 2 Black Armory Niobe Labs Puzzle Solution Guide, you will be able to learn all about completing Niobe Labs Puzzle.

With the help of our Destiny 2 Black Armory Niobe Labs Puzzle Solution Guide, you will be able to learn all about completing Niobe Labs puzzle.

Niobe Labs puzzle was stopped in its tracks when not a single individual of the community could piece the clues together.

As of now, all Annual Pass owners have access to the Forge. With that said, avid players can still continue to find clues and solve the puzzle on their own, if they don’t like getting things handed to them feeling like they’re unearned.

Part of the elaborated Bergusia Forze puzzle is in the vein of solving that of Black Armory Niobe Labs that come with their own challenges.

Taking a whole 24 hours to solve this puzzle makes the Niobe Labs the hardest piece of content put out by Bungie that baffled even the veteran players who had been looking for an answer. Here is how you solve the puzzles involving the Niobe Labs.

Destiny 2 Black Armory Niobe Labs Puzzle

First, to find the puzzle itself, head towards the lower half of the map in the Sojourner’s Camp region of the EDZ.

As a pre-requisite for the more advanced Level puzzle, the Niobe’s Torment Level 3, you will require a fireteam as well Black Armory Sniper, Bow, and Machine Gun if you are to stand a chance.

Solving the Puzzles

For the first puzzle, heading to the designated area of the puzzle, aim through the scope of any of your Black Armory weapons. You should be looking for some symbols on the pillars that will be Stone, Wind, and Fire.

Now proceed to fire these symbols with the appropriate Black Armory weapons. The Bow, Sniper and Machine Gun should be used for eliminating the Stone, Wind and Fire symbols respectively. A piece of audio will mark the completion of the puzzle.

The next piece of the puzzle involves even more symbols and shooting. These symbols arise directly after you solve the previous puzzle. Below, you will find the symbol to shoot and the instructions to follow for each specific Black Armory weapon.

Machine Gun
First, shoot the Storm and then proceed to stand on the Moon platform. Now, while standing, shoot ‘T+HREBFLU+’ symbol.

Proceed to stand on Tiger platform and shoot these symbols in the right order: Fish, Lotus and then Temple. Next head to the Dragon platform and stand there to shoot these symbols in the given order:

Archway, Rabbit, Bamboo and then Temple. Lastly, stand on the Fish platform and shoot the ‘Lotus’ symbol.

After standing on Morning platform, fire at these symbols in the order Missive, Trees, Water and then Rose. Now, head to the Wind platform and shoot at the ‘Missive’ symbol twice.

Finally, while standing on the Morning platform, proceed to aim and fire at these symbols in the correct order: Missive, Rose and then Water.

Again, an audio piece will be heard for completion of this second puzzle.

Niobe’s Torment

After the completion of the above two puzzles, a blue crate will spring up which you can interact to start the Niobe’s Torment challenges that range from Level 1 all the way to Level 7.

Although no one has figured out Level 7 as of yet, we will help you through the remaining six ones.

Again, these puzzles involve some careful shooting and playing around with symbols. Moreover, you require a fireteam since some levels of the Niobe’s Torment will be a team-based effort.

For the first one, simply remain stationary on the Hand platform while you take a shot at all the letters of the word, “BUTTERFLY” with Hammerhead rifle.

The second Level requires you to again stand on the Hand platform and shoot “Fire + Storm” symbol with Hammerhead rifle. Then consequently, switch to Sniper and using that, shoot “Rabbit + Lotus” while you stand on the Fish platform.

Level #3 cannot be completed without at least 3 fireteam members, as there will be three Black Armory weapons to be used and symbols to be targeted.

Anyone can take up any of the tasks as long as the Bow’s user stands on Wind platform and shoots Water; the Sniper’s user stands on Dragon platform and shoots Bamboo, and finally, the Machine Gunner stands on Star platform and shoots Fire symbol.

This will not be all, as a highly capable Servitor would need to be destroyed before this Level is completed.

For the fourth level, while you are in the air, simply spell out the letters of the word ‘FLY’. The fifth Level has your team use designated weapons for respective symbols. These are Bow for Butterfly, Sniper for Fish and Machine Gun for Hand.

The 6th and last level, as far as our knowledge goes, requires another team-effort with a coordinated and simultaneous shooting.

All members of the team should stand on the Butterfly symbol while they fire repeatedly and in synchrony, at the Forest symbol using a Bow.

xGladd and r/RaidSecrets have finally managed to complete the puzzle. We are in the process of finalizing the guide and will update it in the coming days.

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