How to Get Spoils of Conquest in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

This guide will help you understand adn tell you how to get Destiny 2 Beyond Light's new currency the Spoils of Conquest.

One of the many pieces of content added to Destiny 2’s most recent update, Beyond Light, is the Spoils of Conquest currency. This guide will help you understand its use and how to get it.

The launch of the new Destiny 2 expansion brings a lot of changes to the old gameplay systems. Spoils of Conquest are one of those changes that give players more freedom.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Spoils of Conquest

Spoils of Conquest is a new form of currency that has been added to the game. This is used for buying Exotics that appeared in previous DLCs’ and Seasons.

This makes all the Exotics that one might have missed now accessible. For this reason, many players will surely be interested in earning Spoils of Conquest.

How to Earn Spoils of Conquest
The question remains, how to earn the newly introduced Spoils of Conquest currency? To earn it, players can complete two different Raids, “Last Wish” and “Garden of Salvation.”

Both of these are currently available, with a third Raid, “The Deep Stone Crypt,” which has been announced.

These raids can be grinded through to earn Spoils of Conquests, which can then be used to purchase Exotics.

Once you have collected enough Spoils of Conquests, you can purchase any Exotics you wish to buy from the Archive in the Tower.

The only downside you face is that you need six players to start the raid. So, unless you have six friends, you will have a hard time playing and completing the raids.

This is the only way of earning Spoils of Conquests as of now. Maybe Bungie will add more ways to earn this currency in the future for e.g. new raids.

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