Demon’s Souls Remake The Old Hero Boss Guide

In this Demon’s Souls Remake Old Hero Boss Guide, we’ll outline some strategies you can use to defeat the menacing ,towering, Old Hero.

The Old Hero was brought back to life by the old one. He wields a massive sword and, unfortunately, is completely blind. In this Demon’s Souls Remake Old Hero Boss Guide, we’ll show you how to defeat the menacing towering hero.

Demon’s Souls Remake The Old Hero Boss

The Old Hero is probably one of my most favorite and unique fights of the Soulsborne series.

The fact that the Old Hero is blind and the way the boss battle plays out is absolutely intriguing. You will face this challenging boss at the Adjudicator Archstone.


The Old Hero has a total of 4,410 HP but relatively high defensive stats, which makes him rather hard to topple.


Normal 156
Slash 156
Blunt 156
Pierce 156
Magic 144
Fire 123

The Old Hero is immune to Plague and Bleed. He also takes little damage to Poison.

The Old Hero Boss Strategies

Pre-Requisites for the Fight
The fact that the massive Old Hero is completely blind has to be used to our advantage.

Equip your Thief’s ring and wear the lightest armor you have. This gives you ample room to breathe whenever you need to back off from the battle.

Having a heavy set of armor will instantly alert The Old Hero regarding your location, which will result in an attack from his end. Being quiet allows you to plan out your attack.

Take your Time
You can’t rush the boss fight. If you waste too much movement, you’ll end up being spotted by The Old Hero.

Try to stay at a distance when necessary and to avoid any movement when near the boss.

Approach The Old Hero from behind, get a few hits and back off. This is easier when you’re wearing Lighter Armor and the Thief’s Ring.

Utilize the Arena
Getting close to the boss can be quite the marvel if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So, if you already have the sneaky tactics down, then make sure to use the pillars around the arena to mask yourself effectively as you get closer to The Old Hero.

You can also try to utilize Firestorm when you get behind The Old Hero to deal a massive amount of damage.

If you have a ranged weapon, shoot the boss and wait for his scream to end, and then repeat. Albeit this strategy’s a little cheesy, it ensures that you pretty much never get hit.

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