Demon’s Souls Remake Stonefang Tunnel Walkthrough

In this Demon's Souls Remake Stonefang Tunnel walkthrough, we will walk you through the all the dangers and loot in the area.

The Stonefang Tunnel is the first location you visit in the Archstone of the Burrow King in Demon’s Souls Remake. In this Demon’s Souls Remake Stonefang Tunnel walkthrough, we will walk you through the Stonefang Tunnels area.

We’ll be detailing everything from enemy encounters to items and hidden items in the Stonefang Tunnels area of the remake. So, let’s get into it!

Demon’s Souls Remake Stonefang Tunnel

As soon as you start at the Stonefang Tunnel, climb the stairs on the left and head straight to kill the Crystal Lizard.

Get the item dropped by the lizard and continue on the path, break the barrels and pick up the Unknown Hero’s Soul.

Now head back, and cross the bridge on the left side. Be fast and get into the castle as an enemy will throw rocks on you.

As soon as you enter the castle, on your right will be a crank to activate a lift. Use the lever and get on the lift to reach the floor above you.

Here, kill the Fat Official and all the miners, and pick up the Crushing Battle Axe +1. Head in, and before you get back on the lift, pick up the Renowned Hero’s Soul.

Ride the lift all the way down, and here, on a corpse, you’ll find Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. Now ride the lift back to the central level.

As soon as you enter the central level, you can see the main path in front of you. Follow this path and kill the miners and dogs you face here.

Once you are done with them, head into the room and kill the wizard. In the room behind the Fat Official, you’ll find upgrade material on one corpse and Shard of Clearstone.

Go back into the previous room and notice a small door frame on the left.

Move towards the door frame, but remember a miner is hiding towards the right of the door, ready to ambush you, so kill him. Once you dealt with the miner, head left into the corridor.

Go up the stairs and turn left. Kill the miners here, and at the end of the room, loot the corpse for Crescent Moon Grass.

Now head through the gateway on the right and loot the other corpse for a Pickaxe.

Keep heading moving further on the stairs from the corridor until you reach the wooden platform.

Beware as another Fat Official will cast fire spells on you from the other side. Get to the wooden bridge, but it will crumble as soon as you step on it, leaving a singular beam.

You need to cross it slowly, with your shield up so that you can make it across without getting knocked off. Loot the corpse on the other side to get the Renowned Soldier’s Soul.

Kill the Fat Official and then attempt to cross the bridge again, but drop down. Turn around, turn left twice and kill the miners here.

Keep moving forward and kill the other miners that you’ll engage. Turn right into the corridor and kill the miners.

Once all the enemies are dealt with, pull the lever and open the door located at the end of the corridor.

Head back into the castle you came from and get to the top of it. Go along the corridor to reach the fog-covered gate.

Cross the gate and to your right, knock down a fire lizard on the wall and kill it.

Loot the corpse behind it, then head up the wooden ramp, turn right and take the second ramp. Loot the corpse for 2 Half Moon Grass, and cross the bridge opposite to it.

Turn left into the hall and then right towards the spiral staircase. Here, many fire lizards are on the walls, drop them and kill them to get all the loot.

Once done with all of them, head back into the hall and head straight across the smoky pit, up the ramp, killing all the miners.

On your right, you will see a fog gate, ignore it and break the cart and barrels and get to the cliff.

First, turn left and grab the Unknown Hero’s Soul, then turn right and follow the path, picking up the Crescent Moon Grass and turn the crank at the end of the path to activate another lift that will act as a shortcut back.

This lift descends all the way down to Blacksmith Ed and he can upgrade your weapons. Head to the gate on the right and get a Renowned Hero’s Soul.

On your way back up, you can drop from the moving platform mid-way to get a Shard of Clearstone.

Once you have taken all these items, head back to the fog gate we ignored earlier when we came to unlock the shortcut.

Head up the stairs across the fog gate, but beware as a miner is waiting to ambush you just at the end of these stairs.

Kill him, and clear out the room and loot the corpse to get a Larger Hardstone Shard.

Head straight and on the wooden platform, head down on the ramp and follow the path.

You will find yourself across a wooden beam, but it will break, so either run across it or roll across it. You have only one chance of doing it; otherwise, you’ll have to reload the area.

On the other side, you will find Unknown Soldier’s Souls and a Greatclub.

Now make sure you have a full health bar, and drop down on a small ledge, right next to the wall. Drop down again, and make your way back to the wooden platform.

This time, instead of taking the ramp, turn right immediately and break the barrels to reveal the next staircase. Head up, and turn right, then left.

Pick up the Crescent Moon Grass, and then at the end of the cliff, drop down and grab the Unknown Soldier’s Soul.

Now drop to your right and break all the barrels here to get the Steel Shield.

As you head on, you will see a few miners, but just ignore them and turn left onto the wooden bridge and up the stairs.

The path leads you to two more fire lizards you need to kill. Once the lizards are dead, grab the Shard of Dragonstone from the corpse ahead and head on.

As the wooden pathway ends, three dogs will attack you.

Turn left ahead at the end of the pathway, loot Ed’s Grindstone from a corpse, and then head the other way from the wooden pathway.

Keep heading down this path, picking up a Half Moon Grass from a corpse right in your way, then head down and kill all the miners here.

Once done, you will spot another corpse under the wooden path you just came from, loot it to get an Unknown Hero’s Soul.

Once you have taken everything and all the miners are dealt with, use the lever near the giant wheel.

Go back to the room where you fought the horde of miners and fire lizards, just before where you unlock the shortcut and take the stairs down and loot the bodies on the ground to get a Large Sharpstone Shard and some Half Moon Grass.

Another body can be found at the back through a hole in the grille with a Ring of Poison Resistance. Take the ring and head back upwards the stairs.

As you progress, you will get to a tunnel, where the room on the other side is filled with barrels.

Do not rush in as the room has exploding barrels with a Fat Official waiting to blow them up! Lure out the official to blow the barrels, then head in and kill the Fat Official and pass through the fog gate.

As soon as you pass, turn right, smash the cart and loot Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. Then head left and along the wooden structure.

A stone will be dropped ahead of you, followed by a miner dropping down.

Kill him and move onto the large elevator ahead of you. Before you activate it using the lever, cross it to the other side and look to the right behind the wooden structures and loot Kris Blade from another corpse here.

Once done, use the lever to lower the elevator. Once you reach the bottom, turn left and follow the rails to get Chunks of Spiderstone from a corpse here, then head back towards the fog gate.

This gate will lead to the boss fight, the Armor Spider. You can get more details on the Boss fight in our Armor Spider Boss Fight Guide.

Once the Spider is defeated, loot the body on the left side of the arena for a Renowned Hero’s Soul, and look towards the end of the arena for a Chunk of Spiderstone.

From here, interact with the Archstone to receive a Hard Demon’s Soul and Pure Spiderstone, then head back to the Nexus to end the Demon’s Souls Remake Stonefang Tunnel area.

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