Demon’s Souls Remake Phalanx Archstone Walkthrough

Phalanx Archstone is a location that you will find in the original Demon’s Souls as well as in the remake....

Phalanx Archstone is a location that you will find in the original Demon’s Souls as well as in the remake. You will reach this Archstone of the demon named phalanx after getting through the Boletarian Palace, so let’s get into this Demon’s Souls Remake walkthrough right away.

Demon’s Souls Remake Phalanx Archstone

As you arrive at the huge archway, you will start your journey into the inner wards of the cliff.

First off, you will face Hoplites as you pass the archway and walk through the corridor. There will be six hoplites there in total waiting for you.

Keep in mind that Hoplites’ weak spot is their back, so use it to your advantage and take them all out one by one.

After you are done with the enemies in the area, interact with the body on the right side and you will get Throwing Knife x10.

One more dead body will be down the stairs on your left side, right next to the iron gate and you can examine it to get Unknown Soldier’s Soul x1.

On the same path, Ostrava of Boletaria will be waiting for you.

Talk to him and he will ask you for help in fighting some enemies and then he will tell you to be aware of the dragon at The Lord’s Path.

Now get back to the main path and when you exit the building, you will see the red dragon, so run and cross the bridge before the dragon starts burning it down.

Don’t stop to loot the nearby items now as you will get a chance after you get rid of the dragon problem.

Keep running until you reach the building ahead, here you can examine a corpse and get x3 Crescent Moon Grass.

Now, if you look around, you will find two stair sets, one going down and one going up.

First, get the stairs that are going up. Keep an eye for the enemies that you will face as you climb the stairs; there will be some normal spear-wielding enemies and a few Boletaria Soldiers and when you reach the top, you will also face an axe-wielding enemy.

Now, as you reach the top, face two more crossbow wielding soldiers and when you are done with them, examine the dead bodies to get 1x Unknown Soldier’s Soul and 1x Wooden Catalyst.

The Red Dragon

Now you must be wondering about the dragon bringing havoc all around as you climb the stairs and kill all the soldiers. The dragon will not be bothered by you unless you attack it.

Now, this is an optional boss fight and if you do not want to face Red Dragon, you can just completely ignore it. But there are some perks and collectibles that you can only get by killing it.

If you want to face and kill it, get to the top of the building and shoot any arrow or ranged weapon, and the dragon will notice you and start spitting fire.

Now you have to use lots and lots of arrows and spells to kill it, it is a straightforward process though. Killing the dragon will give you x1 Small Flame Scale Demon’s Soul.

You can now backtrack to the bridge where the dragon was troubling you and can easily loot the while area and get x1 Winged Spear.

We’ll assume you don’t kill it as we proceed with the walkthrough.

After getting done with everything from upstairs, now it’s time to go downstairs.

Keep climbing down the stairs and turn to walk in the corridor when you reach the first hallway. Here, make sure to keep an eye for a dregling on your left and a few Boletaria Soldiers further ahead.

After clearing the way, examine the body that is to your left to find x1 Ring of Gash Resistance.

Now get back to the stairs and go further down and you will meet Ostrava again. This time he will show his gratitude that you saved him by gifting you x3 Dark Moon Grass.

Now get back to the iron gate with Ostrava, keep an eye for the dreglings hidden on both sides a few meters apart from each other, get rid of them and as you reach the next room, you will face 5 dogs.

Get rid of them one by one and examine the body in the room to get x3 Crescent Moon Grass.

Now, after you pass the iron gate, you will face another Boletaria soldier and keep going ahead after dealing with the enemy and you will come to dregling merchant. Interact with him and you can trade, sell or buy stuff.

On the left side of the previous room, you can break the wooden blockade and go upstairs to face two more Boletaria soldiers up ahead and also get x1 Compound Short Bow and x6 Heavy Arrow in the same room.

When you get back the stairs and into the main tower, there will be some Boletaria soldiers on your left, deal with them and then go through the foggy door on your right.

You will face dreglings, one right away and one after you go ahead of the dead horse body.

You will again see a red dragon, throwing fire all around, so you need to make a run for your life to make it to the end.

Now, face three Boletaria Soldiers, one blue eye knight and two soldiers will also be shooting arrows from the top of the tower, get rid of them and in the end you will face another blue eye knight.

Now you will be at the entrance of a new foggy door, but before going inside, take the stairs beside the door to go up and into the room with a Crystal Lizard.

Make sure to kill the lizard as soon as you enter the room and it will drop some nice upgrades.

On top of the tower, you will face a few more soldiers, kill them and get the x1 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes and x1 Renowned Soldier’s Soul from the dead bodies there.

Check the wooden barricade for more dead bodies to examine and get x1 Unknown Hero’s Soul and x3 Royal Lotus.

Now get back to that foggy door and you will face the final boss of the Phalanx Archstone, named the Tower Knight. After the boss fight, you will get Iron Demon’s Soul.

After the boss fight and reward, you are free to roam the whole place and also check the places you missed before to make sure you have all the collectibles.

Free Biorr

This is another extra that you can do after the boss fight and you will get some extra collectible rewards for it. First, you need x1 Iron King of Keys.

What you need to do is go to the boss fight arena and get rid of the Blue Eye Knight, and use that Iron King of keys to open the door there.

Go downstairs from the door and you will face a Fat Official, get rid of him and you will get a Bloody Iron Key.

Use the key to open prison cells. The first cell will have a dead body, which will give you x1 Renowned Hero’s Soul on examining.

In the second cell, you will find Biorr of the Twin Fangs. He will say that you need some rewards and then fall asleep.

Check the next prison cells. You will get x1 Storied Hero’s Soul in the fourth cell and there will be a crystal lizard at the end of the prison, kill it and you will get x1 Tower Shield.

So this will be it in the Phalanx Archstone in Demon’s Soul Remake and you will be heading to a new area afterward.