Demon’s Souls Remake Best Spells Guide

This guide, Demon’s Souls Remake Best Spells and Miracles, will enlist and describe the best spells and miracles that you...

This guide, Demon’s Souls Remake Best Spells and Miracles, will enlist and describe the best spells and miracles that you can consistently cast against your enemies to overcome difficult situations and impossible odds.

Demon’s Souls Remake Best Spells and Miracles

Demons Soul’s Remake allows you to cast magic and miracles against your enemies if fighting in melee Isn’t your thing.

Since there are many spells and miracles, it takes quite a while to understand and select your favorite spells.

Here are all the spells and miracles in Demon’s Souls Remake:

Spell Effect
Acid Cloud Generates metal corroding Acid Cloud
Cloak For Sneaking or Escaping Quietly
Cursed Weapon Increased weapon damage by 50%
Death Cloud Generates a cloud of plague
Demon’s Prank Generates loud sound at a distant location
Enchant Weapon Increases damage of right-hand weapons
Fireball Shoots a fireball that causes explosion
Fire Spray Shoots mini fireballs
Firestorm Generates a fire storm around you
Flame Toss Shoots a fire stream
Homing Soul Arrow Shoots target following soul arrow
Ignite Generates huge fire from your fingers
Light Weapon Strengthens right-hand weapons
Poison Cloud Creates a purple poisoned cloud
Protection Reduces incoming damage
Relief Restores full HP
Soul Arrow Fires a soul arrow
Soul Ray Shoots a target-piercing light
Soul Sucker Sucks the soul out of target
Soul Thirst Slaying enemies grant 50% more souls
Warding Reduces incoming damage by 70%
Water Veil Covers you in water and reduces incoming damage


Miracle Effect
Antidote Cures the poison effects
Anti-magic Field Generates an anti-magic field around you
Banish Black Phantoms are banished to their own world
Cure Recovers status from Poison, Plague and Bleeding
Evacuate Teleports you back to the Nexus
God’s Wrath Generates a strong force-blast around you
Heal Recovers HP
Hidden Soul Hides your soul from Black Phantoms
Recovery Heals HP according to faith
Regeneration Generates HP over time
Resurrection Reviving Blue Phantoms will shift tendency to White
Second Chance Revives you with 50% HP if died during the spell

Best Spells and Miracles

So here is the list of some of the best spells and miracles, along with descriptions, that will help you throughout the game and will surely become your favorite moves:

Warding – Spell
Warding, basically reminiscent of the Tower Knight’s great shield, is a magic spell that makes you tankier against enemies.

What it actually does is that it reduces about 70% of incoming damage. You can opt to use this spell routinely no matter how far you have reached.

You can learn the spell from Sage Freke at the expense of an Iron Demon’s Soul.

MP Cost 50
Duration 40 seconds
Slot Cost 2 Magic Slots

Soul Arrow – Spell
A magic spell that, as indicated by its name, lets you fire a soul arrow. The main reason that this spell is so important is that it even penetrates through gold armors and other hard materials. A staple of any caster’s/wizard’s arsenal.

You can learn the spell from Sage Freke or his apprentice for 1000 souls.

MP Cost 5
Duration One shot
Slot Cost 1 Spell Slot

Evacuate – Miracle
Evacuate is a miracle that will instantly teleport you to The Nexus.

Since all the miracles focus on healing or defense, so does Evacuate. It teleports you to The Nexus. This lets you save your Shards of Archstone or provides an alternative teleportation method in case you don’t have any.

You can learn the miracle from Saint Urbain for a price of 20,000 souls.

MP Cost 40
Duration Instant
Slot Cost 1 Miracle Slot

Firestorm – Spell
Firestorm is a magic spell and is perhaps all that you need to take on huge enemies. It is, in fact, one of the most powerful spells in the Remake and is a must for you to learn if you want to dominate over bosses.

Firestorm basically generates a storm of fire around you and is so powerful that it eliminates even the bosses within 2 to 3 casts.

You can learn the spell from Yuria by offering her a Dragon Demon’s Soul.

MP Cost 100
Duration 4.5 seconds
Slot Cost 3 Magic Slots

God’s Wrath – Miracle
Perhaps the strongest of all miracles, God’s Wrath is what you need when you find yourself in deep trouble.

This miracle creates large sphere damages around you that can damage enemies even through walls or other sorts of obstacles.

However, the damage it inflicts to enemies is affected by your Faith. You can also boost the damage by wearing a ring of sincere prayer (A boost to Miracle Power by 50%!).

To learn this miracle, visit Saint Urbain and offer him a Dragon Demon’s Soul in return.

MP Cost 100
Duration Instant
Slot Cost 2 Miracle Slots