Demon’s Souls Remake Adjudicator Boss Guide

The Adjudicator is a formidable foe in Demon’s Souls with a chunky bar of health and a unique set of moves that you might have difficulty getting around. In this Demon’s Souls Remake Adjudicator Boss Guide, we’ll be showing you how to outwit the monster in his own domain.

Demon’s Souls Remake Adjudicator Boss

The Adjudicator is a tricky fight and can be dealt with in various ways. The arena provides you with three levels to retaliate from. Depending on your type of weapon, you can choose to fight the boss off either way.

Defeating the Adjudicator rewards you with the ‘Adjudicator’s Trophy.’

The demon has a total HP of 11,700 and can tank a fair amount of hits before he gets stunned and lays its weakness out in front of you.


Normal 93
Slash 93
Blunt 93
Pierce 93
Magic 118
Fire 100

The Adjudicator is completely immune to Poison, Plague and Bleeding effects.

Adjudicator Boss Strategies

Safe-Spot Strategy
There is a way to cheese the boss without ever getting hit, and it involves you never getting off the upper level (The same level with the fog gate).


Attack the Adjudicator from the edge (Shoot the bird), and then back up to the fog-gate to avoid taking a hit from his tongue.

You can also resonate between the two sides and hitting the bird whenever you get the chance. Try not to stay in one place for too long, or he’ll get you with his tongue.

Lower Level Strategy
Use the stairs to your right from the fog gate and descend down to the level just before the bottom floor.

Run around the middle floor, and cast a homing soul arrow every once in a while whilst avoiding any of the Adjudicator’s incoming attacks.

If you fall down to the ground, simply get back up and continue damaging the demon.

You can also try to use the stairs leading to the bottom floor and spray the Adjudicator’s head with Fire Spray.

The same spell can also be cast by pacing back and forth along the wall on the middle level. Using the stairs is a pretty reliable strategy, as it will more often than not confuse the Adjudicator.

Melee Strategy
If you feel that you can take the Adjudicator on head-on, then grab your favorite melee weapon and charge in! Be careful and try to avoid getting hit, as he will definitely kill you in one hit.

Slash away at the meat cleaver in his belly, and eventually, this will cause him to be stunned and expose the bird on his head.

This is when you unleash all hell unto the Adjudicator. Make sure to deal as much damage as you can. It should take roughly 3 stuns before you are finally able to kill the Adjudicator.

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