How to Hunt and Defeat Sea Serpents in Valheim

Sea Serpents have great drops so hunting them can prove lucrative. In this guide, we will tell you how to hunt and defeat Sea Serpents in Valheim.

Sailing the seas of Valheim can prove dangerous, as beasts such as the Sea Serpent await. Since these creatures have great drops, hunting them can prove lucrative. In this guide, we will tell you how to hunt and defeat Sea Serpents in Valheim.

How to Hunt and Defeat Sea Serpents in Valheim

Sea serpents in Valheim provide you with the best meat, which you can use to make some of the best foods. When you kill a Sea Serpent, it drops resources that you can turn into armor, weapons, and tools as well.

This creature is normally found in the ocean and will hunt your boat, trying to drop you into the ocean to kill you. It is a huge and fast creature, but you can still defeat it without much trouble.

Let’s take a look at how to go about doing that.

Take a Longship into the Ocean

To find a Sea Serpent, you have to take a Longship into the ocean. You can take a Karve or raft as well, but it is not recommended since it can’t take many hits. These creatures usually came on their own time.

Eventually, while you’re in the middle of the ocean, it will start following your ship and try to sink it.


Weapons you can Use against Sea Serpent

You have to use ranged weapons like bow and arrows against this creature. Your melee weapons will not work against it (Unless you happen upon one in shallow waters). So, take a bow and a pile of arrows and you are ready to hunt that creature.

Take other players on the boat along with you as well to make things easier.

When you spot a Sea Serpent, take out your bow and start attacking it. Its health will start to fall and once it falls below half, this creature will try to run away from you. This creature will try to heal by moving away from you.

How to prevent it from swimming away

You can prevent this creature from healing and swimming away by using the harpoon. Use the harpoon as a bow and fire it onto the creature. Once you have successfully hooked this creature, a notification will appear.

Now you will need other players to take it down because if you try it yourself, the line will break and the Sea Serpent again tries to run away. Get help from other players and kill the Sea Serpent using arrows. Once you have defeated the Sea Serpent, its meat will start to float.

You can grab the meat by swimming through it, but we will advise you to take it to the shore using the harpoon then grab whatever you want.

After taking that creature near the shore, you can collect the Serpent scales as well. You can grab the meat and take it home now.

Health and Stamina

For a massive boost in health and stamina, you can make a stew from Sea Serpent meat. After having that stew, your health and stamina will boost significantly.

Soloing the Sea Serpent

If you’re looking to beat a Sea Serpent yourself, you’re going to struggle a little bit. You need to harpoon the creature instead of fighting it and then drag it to shore, one where the water is shallow enough for you to engage in melee.

Since you can’t fight the serpent while harpooning and since its loot will sink in the ocean if you fight with bows at sea, this is the best option solo.

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