Deep Down Can Now be a PlayStation 5 Exclusive?

New rumors claim that Capcom's Deep Down could still be in development and see the light of day as a Playstation 5 exclusive.

New rumors surface for Deep Down, a long-lived Capcom project that never saw the light of day, rumors that might point to the game destined to release on Playstation 5. The game was announced back in 2013, raising the bar for the industry with its high gameplay value and graphic intensity. Even while being in hiatus, the game gets some attention. Could we be close to a release date?

Back in 2013, when Deep Down was officially announced, Capcom set the foundations of a ground-breaking title that houses high-end graphics and intense fantasy battles similar to that of Dark Souls. The project received some gameplay footage and screenshots but never seen the light of day at that time.

Now, VGC reports that their sources claim Deep Down could be close to the end of its development, making it a possible exclusive for the upcoming Playstation 5.

Undeniably, the hardware infrastructure would have been low for such a game to release in 2013. The effort would have been wasted on low resolutions and framerates and it would have suffered from limited playtime due to the industry standards.

If Capcom has Deep Down brewing in silence all these years, then Playstation 5 seems like a safe bet to be its main platform. The game was announced during a Playstation 4 presentation 6 years ago, making it an exclusive by proxy.

The team that was working on Deep Down no longer exists, creating a handicap for the project. With the rights now being rest with Capcom, a new team might have taken over. It would be a shame for such an intriguing concept to never see the light of day and with the development power that Capcom holds, it can finally see outstanding results.

The company continues updating its trademarks for Deep Down and even its producer, Yoshinori Ono pointed to its being still in the picture.

If Deep Down is destined to see the light of day on Playstation 5 or current consoles remains to be seen, If it does, expect a procedurally generated dungeon crawler with co-op functionality to be scratching your itch for a souls-like title in the future.

We’d love to see a hint about it on The Game Awards tomorrow, although this seems like a long straw. E3 2020 would be a safe bet, but for now, we can do nothing but wait.

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