Deathloop Best Trinkets Guide

Trinkets are an unmissable part of Deathloop, sure you can avoid using them, but that would add to your disadvantage. Trinkets are coins dropped by enemies or found in loot, these come in a variety of colors and effects. Our Deathloop Best Trinkets Guide will tell you everything about every Trinket in the game.

Deathloop Best Trinkets

Trinkets act as enhancers for your character’s weapons, abilities, and stats. They offer a variety of different benefits. They come in three colors, grey, blue and purple.

The value and power of the trinkets rise in accordance with their rarity. They can be sacrificed for the Residium you need to save gear when you loop. There are multiple ways to farm Trinkets for your character that you can see in our guide.

Colt can equip up to four character trinkets equipped at a given time. Grey weapons can handle only one, blue weapons can handle two and you can fit in three for purple weapons.

Deathloop Weapon Trinkets

Sure Shot

Increases weapon accuracy over longer distances.

Straight Shooter

Aimed shots have increased accuracy

Stopping Power

Damaging an enemy slows down their health regeneration start time.

Speed Loader

Quicker Reloads

Shock Absorber

Reduced recoil

Quick Draw

Equipping and switching weapons is faster


Bullets tear through enemy ranks.

Mobile Marksman

Increases movement speed while aiming down sights

Mind Leach

Enemies take damage and lose more power when hit.

Lightning Strike

The distance after which your shots have damage penalty is increased


Shots fired from the hip have reduced spread.


Increases rate of fire.

Crack Shot

Quicker Aiming down sights

Big Box

Magazines can carry more bullets.

Deathloop Character Trinkets

Turtle Shell

Increased damage protection

Swift Stitch

Increases health regeneration

Swift Shadow

Faster movement speed while crouching

Stone Wall

Receive and inflict minimal damage.


Increases movement speed

Spring Heeled

Double jump by jumping again mid-air.

Slow Fuse

Detonation times for enemy explosives is increased

Slick Slide

Slide for longer

Scavenger’s Luck

Loot more ammunition


Power regenerates faster

Remote Overload

Hackamajig can detonate hacked devices


Dual wielding does more damage

Party Time

Reduced damage intake when people are nearby

Never Say Die

Increases maximum health

Mine Own

Take control of enemy mines, either turn them against enemies or remotely detonate them.

Mechanical Affinity

Friendly turrets and nullifiers are buffed

Master Hacker

Hackamajig hacks faster.

Last Stand

Increased damage output on low health

Juiced Up

Increases maximum power

Hard Headed

Take less damage from headshots.

Golden Harvest

Harvest more Residium from sources

Fast Hands

Faster reloading while dual-wielding.

Extended Signal

Increases hacking range

Double Trouble

Reduced shot spread while dual-wielding.

Deep Pockets

Carry more ammunition.

Creeping Death

Make less noise while moving.

Comeback Kid

Increases health regeneration

Cat Fall

Reduces fall damage.

Bloodthirsty Brawler

Recover health while dealing melee damage.

Steel lungs

Gas exposure heals you.

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