Death Stranding Will Never Come to Xbox

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro currently have A Hideo Kojima game in development for them. Kojima Productions is working on the title, Death Steading, for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

A few months ago, Sony announced its partnership with Hideo Kojima after the legendary developer left Konami.

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Sony and Hideo Kojima never revealed the details for their partnership so there was always some ambiguity over the exclusivity of Death Stranding. Some thought of it as a timed exclusive for PlayStation while others considered it as a lifetime exclusive.

So the question was always there, will the game ever come to Xbox? Well, the latest poster for Death Stranding pretty much confirms that a Xbox version will never happen.

The bottom part of the poster mentions “Death Stranding is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC.”  It sounds like Sony owns the IP which means you may never see a Xbox version of the game.

On a related note, Hideo Kojima revealed the new trailer for Death Stranding. The footage confirmed Del Toro to be a part of the game itself along with Mads Mikkelsen. The trailer teases the idea of the multiverse, different dimensions, and even time travel. From the looks of it, it is pretty safe to say that Mads will be playing the antagonist in Death Stranding and I believe Mads could be Death itself, trying to end it all.

Head over here for our full trailer analysis.

Kojima previously spoke at TGS and announced that Death Stranding will be out before 2020. He mentioned that it will be out before the year Akira is set in. Akira is a film that is set in 2019 so by that reasoning, the game should be released in 2018.

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