Death Stranding Structures Will Vanish If Not Maintained

You shouldn't worry about Death Stranding buildings from other players popping up around the world. You'll have to maintain them in order to make them stay.

Many players are intrigued by the concept of Death Stranding having structures from other players appear in their world. While the concept is unique, it raises a question as to how the game will look like a few months after release. Hideo Kojima explains how the mechanic works and why you shouldn’t worry about being overwhelmed with messages.

In a recent interview with Famitsu, Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind Death Stranding talked about his game’s development and insight behind the cutscenes.

What caught our eye though is what he said about messages and multiplayer structures in Death Stranding. For those not aware yet, Kojima Productions’ upcoming game will include a message mechanic which will let players leave messages and build structures throughout the world for others to find. These messages will be of valuable help on your journey, while structures will provide you with essential provisions.

Although we can’t wait to see the message feature in action, there are some statements that define it. For starters, messages that don’t receive enough “likes” will be removed. This will discourage trolling players from sending others down cliffs and such.

What we find out now, during Kojima’s interview with Famitsu is that messages need maintenance too. According to him, things that other players build in your world will melt due to rain and you’ll have to maintain them in order to be of any use.

This sheds some light on the whole strand concept of the game. You basically find places, landmarks, and messages that you want to keep and you have to create a real “connection” to them in order for them to stay. Just as Kojima claims, this is a teamwork multiplayer and only now it has become that clear. From that point on, other player buildings or structures will appear on your own version of Death Stranding, in order to assist on your journey.

Other than the fact that multiplayer is completely optional, it works dynamically too. Players that do minimum social interaction will appear less in “the traces” while others that focus more on that will have a big presence in other people’s playthroughs. To top that, you have to first achieve a link through the cities in order to see traces of other players, so you’re still pretty much alone.

Death Stranding releases on November 8, exclusively for Playstation 4.

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