Did Death Stranding Cause Monster Energy Stocks To Rise?

Those numerous product placements in Death Stranding have started bearing fruit, or so it seems in the case of the Monster beverage corporation.

Those numerous product placements in Death Stranding have started bearing fruit, or so it seems in the case of the Monster beverage corporation. The same day Death Stranding released worldwide, stock prices for Monster Energy drinks hit a sharp surge and closed out on an impressive month-high.

On November 8, the Monster brand (via US Gamer) closed at $58.16, a commendable increase from $55.99 just a couple of days prior. The last time stock prices surged over the $58 threshold was in September, making November the highest closing for Monster Energy in over a month.

Cans of Monster Energy can be found conspicuously placed throughout Death Stranding, notably inside the private quarters of protagonist Sam Porter Bridges. The drink actually has an important use in terms of gameplay by restoring stamina. Chugging down three cans of Monster Energy will give the maximum boost. Despite the animation sequence being painfully long, players have no other choice but to keep downing cans upon cans before heading out into the post-apocalyptic world of Death Stranding.

However, did Hideo Kojima cause the stock prices of the Monster company to rise? It could very well be a coincidence but an amusing one at that. The power of branding can never be underestimated. The hype around Death Stranding could have played a part in the stock market. Case in point, the stock prices have already started taking a downwards approach — $58.03 at the time of writing.

Monster Energy is only one of many other brands that account for product placements in Death Stranding. While they are in-game advertisements, their inclusions aren’t surprising. Kojima loves to include references to popular pop culture and other aspects from the real world in his projects. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater had CalorieMate. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker had both Doritos and Mountain Dew. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain had Puma. There were several other product placements as well by the renowned developer, including Pepsi, Playboy, Hori, and iPod.

If you’re interesting in knowing about every product placement in Death Stranding, just head over here. The list covers clothing and eyewear brands, television shows, novel references to pop culture, among others.


Death Stranding is now available on PlayStation 4. In our review, we found that Kojima may have swerved off course in trying to integrate novelty features. However, Death Stranding still has other attractions that makes it a potential purchase for both old and new Kojima fans.

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