Report: DECIMA Is Death Stranding Game Engine, A Modified Version Of Sucker Punch’s Game Engine

Recently, it was rumored that Death Stranding will be using the same engine as Infamous: Second Son. Well, Death Stranding game engine has been revealed.

Recently, it was rumored that Death Stranding will be using the same game engine as the Infamous: Second Son. Well, it seems that Death Stranding game engine has been revealed.

After the reveal of the new Death Stranding trailer, two posters for the game were also revealed. On the Posters mention DECIMA but nobody knows what it is. According to journalist Michael Fortsch, DECIMA is the Death Stranding game engine which is the modified version of Sucker Punch’s game engine for Infamous: Second Son.

However, this has not been confirmed officially so take is as a grain of salt. However, there is a possibility that Hideo Kojima will confirm this at PlaySttaion Experience as the developer will reveal further details about the game at the event.

Soon after the reveal of Death Stranding trailer awards curator and host Geoff Keighley confirmed that Death Stranding will run at native 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro. Also, Hideo Kojima confirmed that the trailer was running at the native 4K resolution on PlayStation 4 Pro.

Norman Reedus will be playing the protagonist in Death Stranding but there is not much known about his character in the game. According to the actor, players will not be playing him but will be him.

[Hideo Kojima], he’s such a genius,’ Reedus said. ‘I’m just doing whatever he says. He says, ‘we will make people cry,’ and I say, ‘for a video game?’ And he says, ‘yup.’ And I’m just, ‘alright.’ And I ask him, ‘playing me?’ And he says, ‘no, they’ll be you.’ And I’m just, I’m just doing whatever he says.

No release date has been announced for Death Stranding, but Hideo Kojima has hinted that the game will launch in 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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