Deadpool 2 Trailer Breakdown (Everything That You Missed)

The new action-packed trailer released for Deadpool 2 earlier today not only introduced Cable but also featured a number of teasers and lowjabs for the audience. It calls for a trailer breakdown, obviously, to lay bare the footage for what it actually contains.

The tragic origins of Cable

The trailer begins by offering a good look on Cable as the narration points out that he was born into war and people have no concept of pain. The minor introduction teases the origins of the character and how he suffered in more than one ways while growing up.

In the comic books, Cable was infected by an incurable techno-organic virus when he was just an infant that transforms flesh and blood into living machinery. He was taken to the future to be saved but not before most of him ended up resembling a cyborg. Cable was then raised in a war-torn era and has gone back to the past numerous times in the source materials with an attitude for destruction–all for the preservation and betterment of the timeline.

The future is war and chaos

While the trailer does not specifically point it out, the introduction of Cable at the beginning is from a bleak dystopian future. The world might be all shiny and beautiful right now, but some events will ultimately lead to the point in time where darkness and destruction spreads across the horizon and all hope is lost.

This is a stern reminder why Cable will be going back into the past in Deadpool 2 to prevent it all from happening. He also appears to be searching for something or someone for that matter. The action-packed sequences have him break into a highly secured facility just for that.

The jab at Superman in Justice League

In typical fashion, Deadpool breaks the fourth wall by pausing the trailer to complain about the lack of finished special effects on Cable.

“What in the actual ass? Dale! Why are the visual effects not done?” Deadpool asks. “It’s a metal arm! It’s not like we’re trying to remove a mustache!”

The reference is to the fiasco surrounding Henry Cavill growing a mustache for his role in Mission: Impossible 6. The actor could not shave it off when the time came to shoot scenes for Justice League because he was involved with both movies. Hence, the special effects team was called in to digitally remove the mustache for the superhero movie.

Unfortunately, the end results were far from perfect. Superman appeared on-screen with a half-frozen face. There were problems related to the overall shape of the mouth, stemming from the fact that the upper lip had to be digitally recreated. This should never have been an issue in the first place, considering the budget that Justice League went with.

The reference to Thanos and the Infinity Stones

While the special effects team is finishing up on Cable, Deadpool brings out two action figures of himself and the time-traveling mutant for a playful brawl. After getting thrown back, the Deadpool action figure launches himself at Cable and locks his head between his thighs.

“Zip it Cable,” Deadpool says. “I’ve got the stones to help you.”

For those unaware, Josh Brolin not only plays as Cable in Deadpool 2 but also Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. The “stones” are in reference to his testicales, obviously, but also the Infinity Stones that the Mad Titan will be collecting when he steps foot on Earth in the coming months.

The DMC response unit

When Cable breaks into a highly secured facility, the trailer brings attention to heavily geared soldiers lining up in response. They are all carrying riot shields with “DMC” painted on the front. There is no clarification to the acronym but it is possible that the militant unit in Deadpool 2 is similar to the Mutant Response Division (MRD) that hunts mutants for the safety of mankind.

This brings us back to the earlier notion of Cable searching for something or someone. If the DMC is really against mutant-kind, then the highly secured facility is actually a prison for mutants and Cable is there to rescue one in particular. Perhaps the mission does not go as planned, forcing him to jump back in time before the DMC was even formed.

The X-Force has been formed

The trailer briefly showcases Deadpool standing alongside a team of mutants–mercenaries–that is known as the X-Force in the comic books. There are four members in total, not counting Deadpool. Domino can be seen on the left, with probably Shatterstar and Rictor in the back. The fourth member, on the right, remains unknown at this point but the actor looks to be Terry Crews himself.

The X-Force was formed by Cable in the source materials for the task of taking in new mutants and training them against both villainous mutants and mutant-hating humans. The mission is similar to what the X-Men undertake, but the X-Force takes on a more aggressive and militant approach.

Time is up for Deadpool

The trailer ends on a humorous note with Cable telling Deadpool that his time is up and Deadpool responding by breaking the fourth wall to relay that is just lazy writing in the script.

It is still unknown if the two will be working together to some degree but it really looks like that whatever mission Cable is trying to achieve has Deadpool in the center of his crosshairs. Perhaps that is all the motivation needed by the pottymouth mercenary to offer his own help so that Cable can quickly go back to his own time.


Deadpool 2, directed by David Leitch, will open in theaters on May 18, 2018. There was word last month that a trailer would accompany the premiere of Black Panther later this month after being released online earlier.

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