Dead Rising 4 Body Mods Confirmed; Number of Zombies is Unknown to Capcom

Capcom has confirmed Dead Rising 4 body mods using which you will be able to essentially craft yourself. Also, devs have no idea how many zombies are there.

We know that crafting and customizations have always been an important thing in Dead Rising 3, but Capcom is taking things a little further with Dead Rising 4 body mods!

Although this was not shared with us during the official reveal of the game at E3 2016 when the developers impressed everyone with the reimagination of Frank and Willamette Mall, the developers confirmed it later at the event.

The game’s executive producer at Capcom, Joe Nickolls was talking to the fans when he discussed crafting when he confirmed:

Dead Rising 3 lets you craft vehicles, in Dead Rising 4, you can essentially craft yourself.

Of course that is not much to go on in that statement other than a confirmation for Dead Rising 4 body mods, but if the vehicle crafting reference is anything to go on, we are definitely in for some insane fun.

Being able to modify and customize the body of Frank West is going to be liked by many, just as they would love the crafted vehicles that despite looking ridiculous, make Dead Rising memorable.

That is not all, while discussing the game further, Nickolls boasted of the number of undead you might encounter in the game by simply saying that even the developers have no idea of the total number:

We honestly don’t even know how many zombies are in the game. I’m not lying. It’s not a PR stunt. We honestly don’t know. I think our kill record from our QA department is 12,000 zombies in five minutes.

With or without the Dead Rising 4 body mods, we think that this game is going to be the best in the series so far, read up on our reasons here.

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