Dead Island Producer Clarifies His Statement About the Game Switching Studios

Techland's Tymon Smektala has assured that everything he said regarding Dead Island was simply a personal opinion.

Last week, the original producer of Dead Island from developers Techland commented on how he wouldn’t mind if the mantle of developing the game were to be passed on to his team again by Yager.

The statement gave rise to lots of queries and suggestions of further possible Dead Island games, but producer Tymon Smektala has assured that everything he said was simply a personal opinion, and not to be confused as a public statement or indication by the firm he works for.

“After reading through some of the VideoGamer coverage of Dying Light: The Following produced after an interview at Gamescom, I’d like to again clarify that all of the statements I made about Dead Island 2 were my personal opinions only and in no way represent the views of the studio.”

“I am a huge fan of the original Dead Island as a gamer and would love the franchise to thrive, but any decisions regarding possible Techland’s involvement in its franchise are not mine to make, and are never as easy as just “asking”. At the moment I’m focusing on Dying Light: The Following hoping to deliver a great expansion to all the fans of the game.”

The reason for the excitement surrounding Tymon’s previous comments are not alien to most fans of the series; Techland is considered as the home and original developer of Dead Island, and many have wanted the franchise to return to them after the parting with Yager.

For now, Dead Island 2 appears to be stuck in a limbo, with currently no developer being officially at the helms of its development. Let’s hope Deep Silver puts a competent team at the task as soon as possible.

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