Dead in Vinland Beginners Guide – Tips And Tricks, Exploration, Harvesting

To make the experience all the more enjoyable and satisfying, we’ve got just the right Dead in Vinland Guide for you. Our Dead in Vinland Beginners Guide will keep a check to establish a balance between things getting too easy or too frustrating. Our Dead in Vinland Tips below will give you a good grasp on the workings of the game when it comes to employing strategies and more.

Dead in Vinland Beginners Guide

In this survival game, you cannot trust a whole lot of people. Of course, you can trust us, because we have the right tools and the information for you to excel. Note, however, due to the random and unpredictable nature of the game, there might be somethings even we have trouble with. However, for the majority of the queries, we have the solutions.

As you start with the game, your family will be granted some random skills that will have a different level for each. What you need to make sure of is that you have at least one family member with a high score (30 or above) in one of these skills: Crafting, Scavenging and Exploring. As far as secondary skills go, a family member acquainted with a fishing, hunting and mining will also be useful. You can find the information on the character sheets.

  • The harvesting station will grant you fruits which can be juiced to be added as an additional portable water resource.
  • Exploring islands will help you recruit more companions and find a bunch of rare resources to further aid you in your quest for survival.
  • Scavenge as little as possible. You can stay fed for a week by scavenging your ship. But if you double down on it, your characters will be facing increased depression. So keep a balance.
  • Rope is an essential resource in this harsh world and it’s also one that becomes scarce the more your progress in the game. Luckily, they could be manufactured in the Forge via the hemp through Herbalists or Gardeners.
  • For improvements, the logging camp should be your first choice since it’s rather essential. To counter depression faced by your characters, you can choose to build a tavern next but the choice is yours. You can choose from rest area or mining camp too.
  • The family will also have random traits which start out with 1 good trait for each member and multiple bad traits for them too. If a character has a trait which affects his skill in such a way that they have a -25% XP on their primary skills or all skills, then you need to abandon the campaign. Start over, yes, we know that’s harsh but it’s necessary.
  • You will come across many companions in the game. Not only do these bring a new and unique skill set to your family, but also boost the number of actions possible in a single turn when in a fight. Note, however, they need to be fed as well. So only go for this, when you have enough stations and facilities to accommodate them.
  • During the early parts of the game, you’ll be facing some enemies in a fight. Take 3 family members with you focusing on their ability to strike and deal damage. When you encounter the second fight, there’s no chance of you winning that. It’s scripted that way, so make sure you take only one family member with you so the loss is minimum and bearable.

This is all we have in our Dead in Vinland Beginners Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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