Sony Bend: Hope Is The Central Theme Of Days Gone

Sony Bend has opened up about Days Gone, its story, and what is the main theme that drives Days Gone forward and gives the protagonist a reason to live.

Days Gone was one of the main highlights of Sony’s E3 2017 press conference. While Sony Bend didn’t reveal the release date for the game but, we did get a new look at the game at the event. However, Sony Bend has opened up about the game, its story, and what is the main theme that drives Days Gone forward.

In the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Game Designer Geoff Hammon revealed that Days Gone’s main theme is hope and exploring Deacon, the main protagonist’s journey and how he copes with everything in the game’s world.

Creative Director John Garvin added that Deacon’s loyalty to others in Days Gone is also the central theme of the game. He added that Deacon is looking for a reason to live in this bleak world and a reason to live in a world where everything has been destroyed.

The story is going to be about exploring Deacon as he moves through the world, how he changes, and one of our big themes is hope. Even if you live in the shit, how do you get out of that and how do you make a life worth living?

Deacon’s loyalty to those he cares about – his willingness to risk his own life for a friend – illustrates one of the central themes in Days Gone: if surviving isn’t living, what does it mean to truly “live”?

What’s worth fighting for? Why do we keep fighting when the world looks so bleak? If hope never dies, what gives us hope?

When Days Gone was first revealed many gamers found the game similar to The Last Of Us, however, the developer clarified it saying that it is on the opposite end of the spectrum from The Last of Us.


Days Gone is a PlayStation 4 exclusive game in development at Sony Bend Studio.

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