Days Gone Difficulty Settings Guide

In this Days Gone Difficulty Settings guide, we'll be walking you through all settings and their impact on the game's challenges

Days Gone might be challenging for players even on the normal difficulty which is why there are different difficulty options that players can opt for in the game. In this Days Gone Difficulty Settings guide, we will help you understand the differences between each difficulty and select the one that best suits your preferences.

Days Gone Difficulty Settings

There are a total of four standard difficulty modes in Days Gone. These include Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hard II. Some players might want to challenge themselves and opt for the most challenging setting, while others might only want the post-apocalyptic Oregon experience. Let’s dive deep into these modes one by one.

Depending on how hardcore you like your survival games, you’re going to want to adjust your difficulty settings in Days Gone accordingly. Too tough of an experience might otherwise make you lose taste for the game itself. However, the game is extremely enjoyable once you find that sweet spot for yourself.

Easy Difficulty
Walking around in Easy difficulty, you will find an abundance of ammo and scrap parts all around. Enemies and freakers will most likely ignore you unless you are in close vicinity. Enemies will also have low health, and their damage impact wouldn’t be that strong. This difficulty level is suggested if you only want to experience the story.

You can even leave your game unpaused while standing out in the open, and you will face no harm. You will be able to change this difficulty any time, and the chances of death in this mode are almost non-existent.

This mode is excellent for you to learn the basics of the game. The easy difficulty takes very little fuel to repair your bike. You will also notice that you can quickly turn off alarmed vehicles and buildings just by crashing your bike into them. Easy mode, as expected, is pretty friendly and straightforward for everyone.

Normal Difficulty
It is suggested that you start your game with Normal Settings. Just like Easy settings, these settings can be changed midway through your game. You can easily access the Gameplay tab under the options menu.

The Normal difficulty level is a good starting point. Enemies match your level of health and stamina, and chances of death are viable. You have resources but not too many. The game will be perfectly balanced in the Normal Settings.

Hard Difficulty
Unlike the Easy and Normal modes, you will not be able to change the difficulty into an easier mode mid-game. The hard difficulty can be too much to handle, and therefore you will have to start over.

Enemies will be able to cause a lot more damage. The enemies will have a high level of additional health compared to the Normal difficulty level. Resources are also much scarcer, and more fuel is required to fuel your bike.

Hard II Difficulty
There is another difficulty level called the Hard II Difficulty which will further increase your enemy’s damage. Resources are even scarcer, and you won’t be able to lower your difficulty.

Survival Mode in Days Gone
Survival Mode and Survival Mode II are the most challenging difficult settings in Days Gone. These levels are only for the gamers who want to challenge themselves and enjoy a brutal and violent experience.

The Survival Mode restricts you from Fast Travel. It gives you survival vision to help you locate enemies. The Waypoints and plants are also not visible in this mode. Enemies will have an extreme amount of health, and some stronger enemies will be able to one-shot you. Instead of resources being easily around you, this time you will have to buy them.

The prices will be pretty high in this mode as well. The enemies are much more skilled and will come to you silently. You should choose this difficulty only if you want the maximum amount of challenge this game offers.

Achievements in Survival Mode
You will gain an achievement from Playstation called Surviving is Living, and another achievement is achieved by defeating a horde in under a minute. This achievement is called Days Gone in sixty seconds.

Survival+ Mode
The New Game+ or Survival+ allows you to relive Deacon St. John’s adventure again. This time you will have achieved all of the skill points, weapons, bike upgrades, recipes, and much more.

This difficulty will allow you to choose between easy, normal, or hard. Survival+ is daunting, and not many players have been able to complete it. In this difficulty, the Hordes are now more significant than ever. There is no map, waypoints, or fast travel options.

You will repeat the game with all the previously earned points and material. Some players have noticed that it clears out your inventory entirely if you are ambushed and captured with no way to regain supplied or ammo besides standard weapons. Resources are almost non-existent.

Achievements for Survival+ Mode in Days Gone
One achievement is called 2 Days 2 Done, which you will obtain for completing the story on Hard+ or Survival+.

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