Days Gone Will Appear At E3 2017 And “In A Big Way”

It seems that Days Gone will be making an appearance at this year's E3 and in a big way according to the game protagonist's voice actor.

It has been a while since Sony Bend revealed anything relating to its upcoming game, Days Gone, which was revealed back at E3 2016. However, it seems that the game will be making an appearance at this year’s E3 and in a big way according to the game protagonist’s voice actor.

In a recent interview on Twitch, Sam Witwer, that voice behind Days Gone protagonist revealed that the game will be showcased at this year’s E3 and will appear “in a big way”. While it is not surprising that Sony would showcase the game at E3 next month but “in a big way” suggests that there will be a big announcement for the game, chances are Sony might reveal the release date for the game.

Soon after the reveal of Days Gone many gamers started to compare the upcoming game with the critically acclaimed game, The Last Of Us. However, according to the devs, Days Gone is the opposite of The Last Of Us in terms of action and sheer numbers of zombies.

I think this is on the opposite end of the spectrum from The Last of Us. It’s more over the top, its more extreme. The sheer number [of zombies] we have shows that. In The Last of Us you’d come across one or two at a time and make your way between them. This is more of a run and gun style, over the top extreme action.

Speaking of the game being different, according to the Technical Designer at Sony Bend, Days Gone has enough features to it, to make it stand apart from other Zombie games already in the market. Apparently, the devs are betting on many in-game world elements like the variety you will experience when exploring it, the dynamic weather system and how it affects the gameplay, and so on.

We feel that our game is completely unique to us. Just running around our world is unique. It’s not like any other game out there, just cruising around and having fun out in the world.

Days Gone is a zombie survival PlayStation 4 exclusive game in development at Sony Bend Studio.

Source: Gamepur

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