Days Gone Alternate Gameplay Shown Off By Developers Post-E3

One of the bigger demos at Playstation’s E3 conference was a good chunk of gameplay of the open-world zombie game Days Gone, developed by SIE Bend Studio. However, today, SIE Bend released a video of Days Gone alternate gameplay, which showed us an alternate way to go about that mission.

Along with commentary provided by director John Garvin and Deacon St. John voice actor Sam Witwer, we take a look at another way to do the Days Gone mission that was at the E3 presentation. In that way, we see a number of noticeable differences, such as the weather, various encounters, and the methods that are done to overcome obstacles.

For instance, in the original demo, Deacon is the victim of a trap set by bandits as he rides full-tilt into a tripwire across the road, knocking the wind out of him and leaving him (temporary) easy prey for a pair of bandits. In this version, Deacon is able to spot the trap and go around it, easily taking care of the bandits and disarming the trap.

The Days Gone alternate gameplay also gives us a few new perspectives on things. In the E3 showing, Deacon had to sneak around a bandit camp that was near a horde of the game’s zombies, known as “Freakers”. He does this by causing a distraction to lure one of them into a bear trap. Back then we could only hear the aftermath (the bandits trying to get the victim to be quiet and then shooting him when he won’t) but in this version we see how the situation plays out.

Finally, there’s a different way that Deacon goes about saving his friend, the object of the mission. In the original footage he causes a horde of Freakers to attack their camp. In the Days Gone alternate gameplay he goes in guns-a-blazing, fighting his way up to the location where his friend is being held hostage.

If you want to see all of the gameplay for yourself, you can find it further up the article.