Dawn of War 3 Beginner’s Guide – Factions, Elites, Doctrines, Tips and Strategies

Dawn of War 3 Beginner’s Guide to help you get started with the game with our tips and strategies for new RTS players. It can be intimidating to try out a new RTS, especially if one is new to the genre. Keeping this in mind, Relic has this small guide with tips and tricks to help you get started with the game.

It is important to remember that this Dawn of War 3 Beginner’s Guide does not cover all aspects of the game, especially advanced mechanics and strategies. We will have a separate guide on Meta Game Strategies up in a few days. However, those of you who wish to experience the RTS genre with Dawn of War 3, this guide should definitely help you out.

Dawn of War 3 Beginner’s Guide

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Dawn of War 3 Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Strategies

Try Out the Tutorials
Dawn of War 3 features two types of tutorial missions i.e. Beginner Tutorial Missions and Advanced Tutorial Missions. Both of these missions include a range of objectives that should help you gain an understanding of the game. For a new player, I highly recommend checking out these tutorials before competing against other players. As for the Advanced Tutorial Missions, even if you are an experienced RTS player, these missions will help you understanding some of the exclusive mechanics and features.

Experiment with Different Factions and Elites
Dawn of War 3 features a range of different factions that include a number of Elite units. Each of these factions varies in its playstyle and has unique strengths and weaknesses. Keeping this in mind, I recommend playing with each of these factions to see what works best for you. Moreover, the Elite units can change the pace and outcome of the game so experiment with them as well. The Elite unit in Dawn of War 3 specializes in a number of skills including support, stealth, brute strength, and more. Depending on your playstyle, try to find the perfect combination that is both deadly and suits your playstyle.

Play with Doctrines
Doctrines in Dawn of War 3 allow you add enhancements to your units and Elite units. There are two types of Doctrines in the game i.e. Elite Doctrines and Army Doctrines. ED allows you to enhance the abilities of your Elite units – making them a strong force. AD, on the other hand, affects an entire subset of your army with different buffs, abilities, and other bonuses. Keeping this in mind, I recommend playing around with Doctrines like Factions and Elites to see what works well for you.


Work Together!
As much as powerful Elite units are, you must help them with your other units. To build an impenetrable force, you must capture/upgrade your resource points and build up your base. Dawn of War 3 allows you to build the largest army across the series so make sure to take advantage of that and become the strongest force there will ever be!

Use the Game’s Extensive Customization Options
While this does not affect the game directly, Dawn of War 3 allows you to use the Army Painter to add a personal touch to your troops. Aside from built-in options, the game also allows you to create a ton of customizable colors. I mean, if you are going to fight, make sure to fight in style. Once done, all it remains is to gather your troops, forge an alliance, and go on an all-out war against your adversaries.

This is all we have on our Dawn of War 3 Beginner’s Guide. Let us know if you have some other tips that might benefit the community!

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