Dauntless Repeaters Guide – How to Unlock, Tips

Dauntless Repeaters Guide will help you learn everything about Reapter Pistols in the game that you can craft for some massive damage.

Dauntless has just been released and players have very little knowledge about the different aspects of the game. In this Dauntless Repeaters Guide, you will learn about the only weapon that has decent range and can be used in long-range battles.

This weapon is not available when you begin the game and needs to be unlocked. This guide will, therefore, walk you through the possible methods of unlocking this excellent weapon.

Moreover, this guide will also guide you about ways to equip Repeaters. This weapon is very versatile as it can be customized according to your requirements, you will just have to replace the four parts, which act as the core of the weapon.

Dauntless Repeaters

Although most of the weapons in this title automatically get unlocked soon after you watch the tutorial, however, the same cannot be said about the Repeaters, which is a pistol-based weapon.

In order to unlock this weapon, you will have to complete multiple missions. Complete the objectives until you reach the mission named “Go Forth and Slay”.

In this mission, you will encounter several beasts called Behemoths. Eliminate them to increases your Slaying Level. You will also have to complete some secondary objectives.

Moreover, once you ace these secondary quests, you will get a chance to meet a guy called Janek Zai who will assign you more objectives.

One of which you will get some parts of the pistol. After you have completed these quests, you will have enough parts and recipe, to craft the pistols.

Known Bugs
Players have reported that sometimes the guy you meet Janek Zai, does not assign you with the missions required to complete the part collection.

If this happens do not get worried, rather try to increases your stats and rank. This will surely fix this issue.

How to Equip Repeaters?
Do note that after finishing these quests, you will only get the parts and not the ready-made pistol. You will have to combine the parts and craft it in order to use it. You will also receive a blueprint, which will help you in this regard.

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