Dates Officially Confirmed For Next Year’s Tokyo Game Show 2020

Tokyo Game Show 2020 will be held from Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 September. The next edition is expected to register many more attendees in Japan.

As you probably know, they held the Tokyo Game Show 2019 for several days last week. Under the motto “One World, Infinite Joy”, this year’s edition managed to gather a large number of attendees, both public and exhibitors, and today the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) revealed the official 2020 dates and 2019 figures of the expo.

Specifically, the Tokyo Game Show 2019 was inaugurated on Thursday, September 12, and ended on Sunday, September 15. The first 2 days were focused on media, so the attendance was lower compared to the last 2 days.

On September 12 and 15, 33,465 and 34,977 registered, respectively, while on Saturday and last Sunday there were 91,301 and 102,333 people who met at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, respectively. In total, this year’s most important Japanese video game event brought together 262,076 people during these 4 days.

Something to note is that although the inauguration had around 2000 people more than the 2018 edition, the following days registered fewer attendees. We say this because the Tokyo Game Show 2018 achieved an attendance record of 298,690 people, so far the highest figure in the history of the event.

As for the exhibitors, there were 655, which managed to have the record of more than 2417 booths in the event. Another important detail is that they held 1496 meetings, which were double the amount of last year.

With this, CESA announced the return of the massive event for next year with the Tokyo Game Show 2020, which will be held from Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 September. The next edition is expected to register many attendees because the industry will be on the eve of the arrival of the new consoles, especially Sony, which has a large presence in Japan.

In recent Tokyo Game Show 2019 news, The Obsidian team took their promising The Outer Worlds game with them. They showed a new video with about 20 minutes of pure gameplay with voices in English and texts in Chinese.

The new role-playing adventure of the authors of Fallout: New Vegas or the most recent Pillars of Eternity takes us to the future, to a distant planet populated by the most diverse characters. There we will have a great freedom of action to act as we please, which will obviously determine the course of history.

The project is very ambitious and Obsidian has already recognized that it has many more stories to tell in the universe of The Outer Worlds, although for now they are focused on this first video game that releases on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on October 25.

Sony also presented a new gameplay demonstration of Medievil Remake for PlayStation 4 at the Tokyo Game Show 2019.

This remake, which improves the audiovisual section and adapts it to modern times, has also paid tribute to the first video game, maintaining the gameplay of the original which was an adventure of mixing the action with the platforms.

In addition to the graphic improvements, the camera that follows the action has also been retouched and will feature a new narrator (with the voice of veteran dubbing actress Lani Minella in the English version), and the team is working on adding many new Secrets and surprises to this PlayStation classic.

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