How To Defeat Daemonhost In Darktide

The new event released in Warhammer 40K: Darktide brought one of the deadliest creatures in the game. The conversion of...

The new event released in Warhammer 40K: Darktide brought one of the deadliest creatures in the game. The conversion of the Power Matrix map into total darkness brought many challenges for the players.

You can adequately use the special torch weapons in the Power Supply interruption event. Players must use such weapons and come together to beat the witch-style field boss, Daemonhost.

Creating any disturbance around the Daemonhost will cause it to rise and chant. You can leave the site here, but Daemonhost will get free by breaking the chains and putting your combat skills into action once you stay there.

This guide is crafted to provide the required information to defeat Daemonhost in Warhammer 40K: Darktide.

How to defeat Daemonhost

Daemonhost is extremely quick, floats around, and can teleport. It can drain your total health within a passage of a few seconds. So, you must fight the beast together and ensure the Daemonhost does not escape.

Before the fight, ensure that everyone on your team has a full health bar and heavy ammo stock. There must be no enemy around to interfere with your battle with the Daemonhost, as it will be impossible to defeat it that way.

Use Ogryn slab shield with a full health bar to wake up the Daemon host. The role is to run and fight as long as possible, providing the team with the opportunity to land many attacks on the beast. If you do not have any shield slabs in your group, then a Zealot can do the job of waking and running away from the Daemonhost.

The Ogryn Slab shield blocking potential allows your team to stay alive. The Veterans and Psykers must unleash the damage potential to keep the frontal players alive. The Daemonhost targets a single player, leaving a window for others to damage it.

Daemonhost passive ability allows it to emit corruption, so do not linger around and quickly finish the fight. Every player must use the weapon providing the most significant damage with a single hit and use Medicae Station to heal from the emitted corruption.

If the first runner dies, you must have a backup runner to initiate a melee fight with Daemonhost. Protect the runners at all costs by eliminating the Daemonhost, as after the second runner goes down, and it will disappear. Do not let Daemonhost devour your downed teammate.

The ultimate way to kill it is to run and fight and never stay in a single place. Let the rusher kite the host and give you a chance to take down the Daemonhost.

If you feel your team is not ready to take on Daemonhost, you can avoid it. If you hear it, be cautious and do not take any action. Find a path and crouch together to a single place. Get past the host one by one, and you are all clear to go.

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