Darksiders Soldier Artifacts Locations Guide [Warmastered Edition]

Darksiders Soldier Artifacts Locations Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding Artifacts collectibles in the game.

Soldier Artifacts can prove handy in Darksiders as you can sale each Artifact for 500 souls. These Artifacts are indicated as green icons at different locations in the game. There are 20 of them and you can get “Lifestone” achievement for collecting all of them. Following is a guide that will help you find these collectibles:

Soldier Artifact #1 – The Crossroads
In the north corner of the streets, look for a subway leading to the subterranean pathway. Jump into the pool and you will find the Artifact in the pool below. You will have to breach the surface before you reach it.

Soldier Artifact #2 – Cloaking Grounds
In the central area of the map, head to the Gazeebo. You will find a staircase just near the Gazeebo, use the staircase to confront a swarm of enemies protecting the Artifact.

Soldier Artifact #3 – Cloaking Grounds
You need to locate 3 stony structures – like coffins lying together. The middle one of them will open a passageway to your Artifact. You will have to deal with the guards first to have the Artifact.

Soldier Artifact #4 – The Broken Stair
At the entrance of the broken stair, head to the ramp and then to the structure at your left. Keep on moving north and you will find the Artifact.

Soldier Artifact #5 – Twilight Cathedral
You will need some jumping and gliding to get this Artifact. This Artifact can be found suspended in the air in the basement in the south portion of the map.

Soldier Artifact #6 – Twilight Cathedral
There is a room with a bridge to the west of the room having 3 Angelic statues. The room is in the basement. You will find the Artifact near the gear below the bridge. Jump and glide a bit to get this Artifact.

Soldier Artifact #7 – Drowned Pass
In the beginning, after the edge of the waterfall, follow the cave to reach the Artifact.

Soldier Artifact #8 – Drowned Pass
Dive into the water from the north tip and you look for 2 partially submerged buildings. One of them will have some openings through which you can enter the building. You will find the Artifact after climbing up the stairs.

Soldier Artifact #9 – The Hollows
There is a pool in a room north to the location of the room where gas leaks were found. The Artifact lies at the bottom of the pool.

Soldier Artifact #10 – The Hollows
In the eastern corner of the map, look for a room with 3 platforms. Jump to the eastern platform and look straight. You will find the Artifact.

Soldier Artifact #11 – Dry Road Access Tunnel in Scalding Gallows
Keep on heading north in the access tunnel and you will find a pipe. Climb up the pipe to get to the Artifact.

Soldier Artifact #12 – Dry Road
In the southern area of the map, you can find this one in a ledge.

Soldier Artifact #13 – Ashlands
After disabling the drill bit, in the first water-filled cave, swim to the bottom to have the Artifact.

Soldier Artifact #14 – Ashlands
Before the big boss arrives, there is a cave with a pool at its center. Dive into it to – at the bottom get the Artifact.

Soldier Artifact #15 – Iron Canopy
There is a staircase in the southwest corner of the map. The staircase leads to a dead end. However, once you climb the stairs, you will be able to spot the Artifact. Jump and glide to get to it.

Soldier Artifact #16 – Iron Canopy
Look for a platform at the bottom of the pit, where the Silitha – dungeon boss was found. Use the platform to the level where you can find the Artifact. You do not need to take it to the top. You can activate the platform using Crossblade.

Soldier Artifact #17 – Ashlands
Once you head towards the wood tower to the eastern portion of the map, you will find some rocks in a series. You can access them using Geyser – north side. Find the demonic growth and then use it to reach to the clamped Artifact.

Soldier Artifact #18 – Crossroads
Head to the library and then enter it by using Vulgrim. Look for an Abyssal chain grapple point. Use it to reach to the second level. Obviously, you will need the Abyssal chain to use it. Jump and glide towards the Artifact on the west side.

Soldier Artifact #19 – Black Throne
After you have the Wing with the third guardian, the first room you enter contains the Artifact. You will have to shoot the portal on the ceiling with Voidwalker and then by using the wall portal, you can get to the Artifact.

Soldier Artifact #20 – Black Throne
There is a room to the far side of the bridge that leads to the guardian. In the room, you will need to use the Voidwalker portals so that you may shift water. At the bottom, you can find this final Artifact.

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