Darksiders 3 PC Performance Tweaks

Here we have detailed Darksiders 3 PC performance tweaks like disable motions blur, downsampling, how to increase FOV, how to unlock FPS and more.

If your PC is struggling to run Darksiders 3 properly even though it meets the minimum specs, our Darksiders 3 PC Performance Tweaks should help fix things and make the gameplay a bit smoother.

Darksiders 3 PC Performance Tweaks

Like many PC versions of video games, Darksiders 3 on PC is not a perfect port. The game has some performance errors and issues, you can check out fixes for these errors and crashes.

Here I will guide you though Darksiders 3 PC performance tweaks so that you can play the game at a smooth FPS. Not only that, I will also guide you through other tweaks like how to disable motions blur, how to downsample, how to increase FOV or change camera distance, how to unlock FPS, 30 FPS lock, and how to get 60 FPS.

How To Increase FOV, Camera Distance Fix

Players are reporting that the FOV in Darksiders 3 or the camera distance from the character is too close. Also, there is no FOV slider in Darksiders 3 to increase the camera distance.

While the devs have thought it best to eliminate the FOV slider, there is still a workaround that will allow you to increase Camera distance from Fury.

Before we begin, it is important to note that there is a reason why Gunfire Games chose to keep the camera distance fixed. Changing it might cause issues with game and gameplay.

To change Darksiders 3 FOV, navigate to “C:\users\username\AppData\Local\Darksiders3\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\”. Here will a file titles “Engine.ini”. Open this file in notepad.

You don’t need to change anything here just add the following lines at the bottom and save the file. This will increase the FOV or camera distance from Fury.

[/script/engine.localplayer] AspectRatioAxisConstraint=AspectRatio_MaintainYFOV

With that done, play the game and see if it works. However, if the game resets the FOV after the cutscene then here is what you need to do.

After making the changes to “Engine.ini”, close and right-click on it. Select properties and check “Read Only”. This will not let the game edit the file and the FOV won’t reset.

If the game still keeps on resetting Darksiders 3 FOV then try Darksiders 3 FOV changer. This might help you.

Disable Motion Blur

Motion blur is useful if the game is running at low FPS. However, the developers do give an option to disable motion blur in games but, Darksiders 3 has no option to turn off motion blur.

However, there is a workaround for disabling the motion blur in Darksiders 3 and it is quite simple. Navigate to “AppData\Local\Darksiders3\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\”. Open the file “Scalability.ini” in notepad add the following at the bottom. This will disable the motion blur in Darksiders 3.

[PostProcessQuality@3] r.MotionBlurQuality=0

How To Downsample

Before we start let us understand what Downsampling is? Downsampling is basically rendering the game at a higher resolution and then downsample it to your native resolution. This improves image quality and the visuals look crisper.

This is basically for those gamers who have the system to render the game at a high resolution but their display doesn’t support that high resolution. Like if you have a system that can run Darksiders 3 at 1440p resolution but your display resolution is 1080p.

Some games no even provide resolution scaler to allow for downsampling. However, Darksiders 3 doesn’t have any option for resolution scaling. There are a couple of ways you can do downsampling.

For those with Nvidia GPUs, open Nvidia Control Panel and select “Manage 3D Settings”. Under Global Settings, look for DSR-Factors and it will have options like 2.00x, 2.25x and more. Select all of them and set the DSR smoothness which I recommend to set it at 15.

Now start the game and go to video settings, you will notice that the game now offers resolution above the monitor’s native one. Set your desired resolution and apply it and that ‘s it. Play the game and you will notice that the game’s image quality has significantly improved.

If you are an AMD GPU user, then fear not as there is a way for you to downsample Darksiders 3. For this purpose, navigate to “C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Darksiders3\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor”

Now open Engine.ini in notepad and add the following lines.

[ConsoleVariables] r.ScreenPercentage=160

If you set it to 100 then it will be your native resolution. The higher you set the number the higher the rendering resolution will be. Only do it if you have the system that can take it.

How To Unlock FPS

Darksiders 3 doesn’t support FPS higher than 60. However, you can unlock the FPS and here is what you need to do.

Navigate to “C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Darksiders3\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor” and open GameUserSettings.ini in notepad. Now look for “FrameRateLimit” and set it to 999 for uncapped FPS. You can also cap it to 120 or 144 but, that is up to you.

How To Lock At 30 FPS

Given that Darksiders 3 PC has performance issues, many of you would like it to lock at 30 FPS for a smooth experience. However, the game doesn’t have an FPS limiter. But, there is a way in which you can lock Darksiders 3 at 30 FPS and here is how.

For Nvidia GPU users, open “Nvidia Control Panel” and select “Manage 3D Settings”. Now select “Program Settings” and select Darksiders 3 from the drop-down list.

Following that, look for the Vertical Sync option and set it to “half refresh rate”. Now save these changes and start the game. Go to video settings and set the Display mode to “Fullscreen” and save it. Now play the game it will run at 30 FPS.

However, remember that it only works with monitors with a 60 Hz refresh rate. Meaning if you have a display with a higher refresh rate than 60 then it won’t lock at the game at 30 FPS.

So if you have a display with a higher refresh rate, here is what you need to do. Open Nvidia Control Panel and select “Change Resolution” under Display. You will see a refresh rate option, set it 60 Hz and you can now lock Darksiders 3 at 30 FPS.

If you are an AMD GPU user, navigate to “C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Darksiders3\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor” and open GameUserSettings.ini in notepad. Now look for “FrameRateLimit” and set it to 30. However, I haven’t personally tested it so it might work or won’t.

FPS Boost, Stuttering Fix, How To Get 60 FPS

First up is the FPS boost, check out our Darksiders 3 fixes to see how you can boost FPS and fix stuttering.

Achieving 60 FPS on Darksiders 3 PC is a difficult task and devs are working to improve the game’s performance. Until then here are the optimal video settings that you can set for a 60 FPS experience if the FPS boost tips haven’t worked for you.

Display Mode: Full screen
Resolution: 1920*1080
Shadow Quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: Epic
View Distance: Epic
Texture Quality: Epic
Post Processing: Epic
Effects Quality: Epic
Foliage Quality: Low

That is all for our Darksiders 3 PC performance tweaks with tips on how to get 60 FPS, how to lock the game at 30 FPS, how to disable motion blur and more.

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