Darksiders 3 Is Brilliant As It Is, No Reason For It To Become A Big Budget Blockbuster

The developers of Darksiders 3, have clarified that they have no intentions for this game to become a blockbuster, the game is brilliant as it is.

Everyone is excited about the launch of Darksiders  3 taking place this year, all of the fans know that this upcoming game will certainly be amazing. The hype is to such a level that some have their bets for this game to land as kind of an AAA blockbuster game. However, on that note, the developers have clarified that they have no intentions for this game to become a blockbuster, as this game is going to amazing and brilliant as it is.

We live in a time where big-budget blockbusters, like God Of War and The Last Of Us, are the kind of games that rule over the gaming market. However, with Darksiders, the studio has no specific intention of this type. They know they have worked hard on it, and it is going to be loved as it is.

Aside from all that for THQ Nordic, this upcoming game is the kind of game that will keep the feel of the classic games intact and that is what gaming is all about.

In a recent interview, the senior designer Richard Vorodi sharing the company’s expectations from the game said:

“I think there are enough big-budget blockbusters already. I think it’s great to release video games and say: Hey, there are still “honest” video games that just want to be fun. That’s exactly what we’ve been aiming for, if not unknowingly. Looking back, we now realize: Hey, we’re making video games! Darksiders 3 is a video game and I think it has real raison d’être besides games like Uncharted and whatever they are called.”

Having said that it is good that the devs have acknowledged that the game is not a big budget game, so why to set big hopes, however, they are also of the opinion that this game definitely has the potential to compete for the AAA titles on a general level.

Like introducing features like multiple ending that will base on the choice the players make, are one of those things that can really push this game towards being recognized as a kind of AAA title.

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Source: dvd-forum