Darksiders 3 Game Length Discussed In Extensive Interview

The lastest and third title of the series, Darksiders 3 will be coming out later this year. Apart from a lot of changes the game would feature from the prior installments the publishers of the game were asked to give the fans an idea for the length of its gameplay. THQ Nordic have indicated that the gameplay length of Darksiders 3 will be quite similar to Darksiders 1.

Gaming Bolt recently interviewed the publishers of Darksiders 3 in order of getting the updates about the development in the game. After THQ Nordic was forwarded some basic queries about the game they sent for their Business and Product Development Director, Reinhard Pollice to respond to them.

After a list of several questions about Darksiders 3 was asked to Reinhard Pollice he was probed with the amount of length the gameplay will cover. To this Pollice answered by simply suggesting that the upcoming game can be matched in this regard with the first title of the Darksiders series. However, we were indeed given a rough estimation of the game’s length. The Darksiders 3 gameplay would stretch to “easily around 15 hours”.

Moreover, also replied to the inquiry about whether Darksiders 3 has a new game plus mode or not. Unluckily even the publishers do not seem to have an answer to that as Reinhard confirmed that they indeed “are still figuring stuff out” for a new game plus.

Moreover, in terms of the story of the game, Pollice stated:

“Darksiders 3 is really mainly about Fury as a character and how the Charred Council can influence that.”

Pollice additionally, commented on the likeness of the latest Darksiders title:

“Its closer to Darksiders 1 in general because the way progression and weapon/ability unlocking works.”

The November release date for the game was revealed with the Gamescom trailer recently. However, the price of the Apocalypse Edition for the game is quite costly.

Source: Gaming Bolt

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