Dark Souls Equipment Guide


In the battlefield you face many demons and beasts, in order to survive their lethal strikes, you must be aware of the weapons and equipment you use depending upon the nature of the adversaries. Below are details about Dark Souls weapons and equipments that you may find useful.

Understanding Dark Souls Equipment

Equipment is basically all the items, consumables, weapons, armors and accessories The Chosen One can carry in Dark Souls and thus it has an impact on their inventory capacity. This equipment is bought from merchants, acquired by killing enemies, looted from corpses and chests. It can also be sold to Kingseeker Frampt after ringing both the bells of Awakening to earn souls.

Equipment Load

Protecting yourself from lethal physical attacks require speed and sometimes require heavy armor. In the end, it all depends upon your equip load. More the equip load, lessen your speed will be. Your speed will also decrease when you carry heavy weapons.

Equip load crossing 100% prevents you from roll and run


Equip load crossing 50% causes fat roll

Equip load crossing 25% gives medium movement “Medium Roll”

Equip load below 25% gives fast movement.

Equip load at 0% gives you the fastest speed.

Basically, your load depends upon the type of opponent you are against. If the opponent can fly, then you are going to need ranged attacks and speed and if the beast is slow and has lethal Area of Effect attacks, then you are going to need heavy armor. Equipment load may be increased with the help of some items such as Ring of Favor and Protection, Havel’s Ring and Mask of the father which increase maximum equipment load by 20%, 50%, and 5% respectively.

Given below is the table of Endurance that administers the total Equip load.

Endurance: 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 99
Equip Load: 50.0 60.0 70.0 80.0 90.0 100.0 110.0 120.0 130.0 139.0


Dragon Body and the Pyromancy Flame are Weightless Weapons while other starts from 0.1-25%

Stamina Regeneration

Stamina regeneration is affected by the Encumbrance level. Greater the Encumbrance Levels, lesser your stamina.

Given below are some heavy armors that hinder stamina regeneration at each Encumbrance Level:

Havel’s Set, Smough’s Set, and Stone Knight Set

At 0-25%: -10.5% from normal

At 25-50%: -10.5% from normal

At 50-100%: -28.5% from normal

At >100%: -36.5% from normal


Defense System

The armor you are using consists of different pieces having certain resistance and defense characteristics. Each piece will only display physical defense characteristics.

These pieces are less reactive to fire and lightning and can control their impact. The equipment you are carrying also affects poisoning which occurs due to the environment or infected demons, and bleeding which occurs due to the strike from a weapon.

The effects are shown on the bar and you experience damage when the bar is filled. Moss clumps and healing potions are very useful and you need humanity or purging stones to prevent curses.

Weapon and Shield Wielding

There are four slots for carrying equipment that you may hold in your hand. Primary weapons should be held the right hand and Shields in the left hand. Shields can block heavy attacks as well as magical attacks.

Your hands can be equipped with magical tricks however, minimally a single Melee weapon is needed which can be held in both hands. Each weapon has a requirement of skills that you must possess in order to carry it which are as follows:

Faith, Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity.

And if you are well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your equipment, then you have a higher possibility to survive on the battlefield.

Dark souls have set equipment consisting of Upgrades, Shields, Items, Rings, Weapons as well as Armor.

Mainly, Weapons can be held in both hands and are used to deal damage to adversaries. However, with a finite move-set while used in the off-hand.

Blocking can be done when using a weapon with both hands. Some Weapons are updated by enhancing damage output with upgrade materials.


Arrows and bolts are a part of ammunition which are consumable by each shot. Arrows are shot by Bows and Bolts are shot by Crossbows.


The main function of Armor is to protect you from physical and elemental damage. They are worn on your chest, head, hands and legs. These Armors guard you from negative status effects (Curse/Bleed). The level of effectiveness of Armors increases by using titanite. Amor may affect your stamina regeneration at each encumbrance levels

At 0-25%: -9.5% from normal

At 25-50%: -9.5% from normal

At 50-100%: -27.5% from normal

Other armors (mostly light, but also medium like Silver Knight Set) do not reduce regeneration themselves.


In most cases, items can be used to heal status effects, HP and receive souls. But they also contain Firebombs and Sunlight Medals.

Key Items

The main purpose of Key items is to open entrances and maintain equipment without needing smith. Some Blacksmiths are given embers (key items) to arise weapons and must be obtained again while entering NG+.


Miracles, pyromancies, and sorceries are all a part of Magic and can only be cast if you are equipped with catalysts, pyromancy flames, and talismans.

Magic can be used when they are attuned at the bonfire. And at the bonfire you’ll find the casts resting. Additional casts are obtained by several attuned copies of the same spell.


Rings are a type of equipment in the game which are worn in the fingers and only two can be equipped, they are very helpful against demons and provide you with passive bonus such as damage reduction, amplification or movement. Keep in mind that you can’t wear a copy of the same ring twice.


The player should carry Shields in the left hand as the right hand is used for primary weapons. However, Shields also act as primary weapons because of their purpose of blocking and parrying attacks.

Shields decrease the overall damage and by using them, your Stamina is also consumed with each attack but upgrading the Shield will decrease the Stamina consumed when blocking each attack. Shields can block heavy attacks as well as magical attacks.

Upgrade Materials

To boost the armor’s defense value/damage of weapons/strength and firmness of shield, the upgrade materials are used at blacksmiths or the Armor/Weapon Smithbox at bonfires. Titanite and Dragon Scales are a part of Upgrade Material.


If we missed a few weapons or equipment’s, let us know in the comment section.


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