Dark Souls 2 Sunken King DLC – How To Find The Magic Repair Tree

Where to find Magic Repair Tree in Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King DLC.

It’s not uncommon knowledge that Dark Souls 2 has plenty of enigmatic content that is out of place or lacking explanation. One such peculiar item in the Crown of the Sunken King DLC is the mysterious Magical Repair Tree, a hidden secret that serves a strange purpose.

In fact, the purpose is not strange at all, but simply the location and existence of this tree seems like an anomaly.

Finding the Tree
In order to find the tree, you’ll have to head to Shulva – Sanctum City. It’s concealed in a tunnel that is near the tower leading to the second bonfire in the place. It’s far off at the edge of Shulva, and inside the tunnel you’ll encounter those red-eyed statues along the wall.

Destroy these statues and you’ll eventually find a hidden switch behind one. Trip this switch, and you’ll raise a bridge to the lair of the tree.

Inside, you’ll have to deal with a set of crabs that seem to be protecting the tree. Take these crabs out, preferably with a ranged weapon to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed. Once you do take them out, you’ll have open access to the strange tree. There is also some treasure here to be acquired, and one of them is the Notched Whip +7.

This tree does not harm the player, does not get harmed, and does not respond to the Ring of Whispers either. It’s simply there, existing in a stasis. However, if you use the freshly acquired whip on it, all the items in your inventory will be repaired.


This is rather strange, mainly because of the proximity of the tree to the bonfire which would also repair gear.

Enjoy your discovery of this odd existence, and if you manage to discover anything about it, be sure to let us know by adding the information in the comments section below!

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