Dark Souls 2 Old Iron King Optional Memory Guide

Dark Souls 2’s Old Iron King DLC is finally here and while some people may have rushed through it, looking to end it as soon as possible, there are other who might be interested in some co-op fun with friends and some extra challenges to satisfy their blood thirst.

Well the DLC delivers just that, in the form of a new memory. Those who possess the Ashen Mist Heart can access this memory near the end of the tower. Don’t have the Heart or don’t know where to get it from?

Well we have got you covered; this guide will have you playing the memory in no time.

First you need to find a Tower Key. The key is located on a platform above the large ashen cliffs, guarded by various headless knights wielding clubs. The area would be littered with ash corpses, the farthest one holds the Tower Key so just go and loot that.

Players will also need the Ashen Mist Heart from the Ancient Dragon located in the Dragon Shrine. The shrine is located beyond Aldia’s Keep, which can be accessed through the King’s Door. The King’s Ring acquired from Undead Crypt is required to open the door.

To access the Old Iron King memory players have to first fast travel to the Foyer Bonfire, the third bonfire in Brume Tower, located near the giant kiln that activates the tower elevators.


Simply take the iron ore lift (the one on the left of the switch) and go upwards. Get out of the lift once you reach the balcony.

There would be another elevator waiting straight ahead, take that and go through the locked Tower Key door. The door leads to another elevator which ends near a flight of stairs going up. Follow the stairs to a circular room with a set of glowing armor.

Just interact with the armor and the memory will begin, allowing players to summon other co-op partners. The boss, Sir Alonne, who is optional, is at the end of the memory.

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