Cult of the Lamb Difficulty Differences Explained

Depending on the difficulty level, starting up your own cult and taking care of heretics could be a challenge in Cult of the Lamb. The game will get more difficult depending on the level you choose. Depending on your skill level, you might wonder what difficulty to choose. This Cult of the Lamb guide has all the details which will help you pick the most suitable difficulty level.

Cult of the Lamb Difficulty Differences

Cult of the Lamb presents players with 4 difficulty levels to figure out how much pressure they want on themselves when building a cult from the ground up. The difficulty options available to choose are

  • Easy
  • Medium (developer recommended)
  • Hard
  • Extra Hard

Each level of challenge in Cult of the Lamb has its own joy, so no matter which level of difficulty you choose, you will enjoy the game. If you are not familiar with action games or roguelikes, you should choose a difficulty that suits your comfort level and lets you enjoy the game.

Beginners will enjoy playing Easy since it lets them enjoy the game without having to worry about dying or losing their belongings. Action roguelike veterans should look at Hard and Extra Hard, which are the hardest settings.

How to Change Difficulty?

After selecting a difficulty, you can change it as well. You can select your difficulty from the top of the menu. Choose your desired difficulty by selecting this option and scrolling down. You’ll be playing on that difficulty once you confirm your selection. If you find the game too challenging, turn it down. If it’s not challenging enough, turn it up.

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