Cult Of The Lamb Best Curses

Being a Lamb leader, you’ll get to face several adversaries when exploring the depths of the dungeon. Majority of the...

Being a Lamb leader, you’ll get to face several adversaries when exploring the depths of the dungeon. Majority of the time your weapons will be enough to handle the situation.

However, as you progress through the different stages of the dungeon, you’ll either won’t have the required weapons to face the stronger enemies or your current weapons won’t be enough to deal damage.

This is where curses come to aid you as they guarantee a maximum damage output to defeat the foes. The following guide will give you the best Cult of the Lamb curses.

Best Curses In Cult Of The Lamb

To acquire the best Curses, you must invest your upgrade points into the Temple. Below we’ve arranged five of the best Curses to use in Cult of the Lamb.

Divine Blizzard
When attacked by a larger group of enemies, Divine Blizzard is the best choice for Curses as it damages all nearby enemies within your radius. Plus, it inflicts the Freeze status effect to slow their movement speed. It also moves the enemies aside, creating a good distance to give you a chance to deal damage.

Maelstrom is arguably the best spell to use for coverage. It can shoot four tentacles at a right angle to deal damage to every enemy in the area, making this one of the best spells to cast for guaranteed damage output.


For an additional buff, you can hold the curse button to change the direction of the spell to make it even deadlier for the target.

Divine Guardian
This is the only defensive spell available for use. Using the Divine Guardian, you can push away any target that is near you while dealing damage simultaneously.

Other than that, it can make you invulnerable to attacks for 2 seconds, giving you enough time to deal damage to the target. Also, it helps reflect projectiles that come in its blasts.

Hounds of Fate
This spell is best used when you enter a new room. Start off by casting the Hounds of Fate to launch missiles at the enemies that are taking cover in the area.

This spell will stand out against bosses to deal damage while maintaining a safe distance. However, make sure you don’t use it against debris as they can break the curse.

Path of the Righteous
This is the best-targeted damage spell in Cult of the Lamb. Using Path of the Righteous, you can shoot a blob of ichor in the path of your enemies to deal a good amount of damage.

Being the one to cast the spell, you can walk through the path of the blob without the fear of diminishing your own health.

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