CS: GO New Horizon Case Revealed, New Weapon Skins And New Knives

The devs of Counter Strike have recently revealed, CS: GO New Horizon Case which brings you 17 new weapons and 4 new types of Knives and some fixes.

For the CounterStrike: Global Offensive fans this here will really give them a reason to start killing each other. As the devs have recently revealed, CS: GO New Horizon Case which brings you 17 new weapon skins and 4 new types of Knives.

This new case comes in a form of a new game update, which also includes the removal of Panorama UI out of the beta mode. Coming back to the Knives, these 3 knives can be referred to as, Stilleto, Ursus, Navaja, and Talon. Adding to that the devs have also published images for the fans to check out these new items.

Moreover, there also has been a substantial amount of changes in the game as well, so everything is going really smooth, aside from some regular bumps along the way.

If you wish to take a thorough look at the full release notes of the game update which includes this CS: GO New Horizon Case then that too is available for you.

The list of 17 weapons for which the new skins have been added, has been listed below.

  • AK-47-Neon Rider
  • Desert Eagle-Code Red
  • M4A1-S-Nightmare
  • FAMAS-Eye of Athena
  • Sawed-Off-Devourer
  • Nova-Toy Soldier
  • MP7-Powercore
  • G3SG1-High Seas
  • CZ75 Auto-Eco
  • AUG-Amber Slipstream
  • Glock 18-Warhawk
  • Dual Berettas-Shred
  • Tec 9-Snek 9
  • MP9-Capillary
  • P90-Traction
  • R8 Revolver-Survivalist

Counter-Strike is one of the most old and legendary multiplayer game, long before Battle Royale games actually existed, however with PUBG in charge of this present era, things have not been going well for CounterStrike Global Edition.

PUBG has consistently been knocking down CS: Go, for quite some time now. However, CS: GO has managed to keep itself on board and it still ranks in the top positions, in terms of fan base.

Now with these kinds of updates, it seems to be that if they keep this up they just might stay long enough to give Battle Royale games a run for their money. Still, we think that CS: GO would need to make, some big changes if they want the top position back.