Crysis 3 Nanosuit Modules And Upgrades Locations Guide

Crysis 3 has been released, and it didn’t take much time for all gamers to get back in their Nanosuits to release havoc on their unfortunate foes. A nanosuit in the game is already an item of significance. However, there are options available to make it even more powerful and make you feel like Chuck Norris’s younger sibling.

More specifically, you can equip your Nanosuit with different types of modules to give you an edge over your enemies in various ways. These modules provide advantages like power, stealth, and armor.

Crysis 3 Nanosuits and Upgrades

This guide will explain all Crysis 3 nanosuit modules available in the game and what perks they bring. Furthermore, each module can be upgraded to two more levels. Remember, the choice of modules depends entirely on your play style. You can equip three modules at any given time.

Weapon Pro

  • Makes your reloading speed quicker
  • Makes ADS is quicker
  • Switching between weapons is far quicker


  • You can switch to stealth mode and out, more quickly
  • Whilst you enter stealth mode, you maintain complete silence
  • Time for switching out of stealth mode decreased when firing through stealth mode


  • Activating the maximum radar will indicate enemy positions on the minimap
  • You do a radar sweep when you respawn.
  • The Health bar of enemies is displayed over them.

Heavy Weapon Pro

  • Movement speed increased when using mounted or alien weapons
  • Increased interaction and Rip off speed when using alien or sandbox technology
  • Increased heavy and alien weapon ammo

Point Fire Enhance

  • Decreases the spread caused by Hip fire by 15%
  • Decreases the spread caused by Hip fire by 20%
  • Decreases the spread caused by Hip fire by 25%


  • Your footsteps and suit do not make a sound
  • Footprints left by uncloaked enemies are indicated on the ground
  • Increases your tracking range, and you also receive notifications of directional changes on footprints


  • Your character moves more quickly
  • Increase ledge grab and vault speed
  • You receive no damage if you fall

Armor Transfer

  • 10% of your Armor energy is restored when you eliminate an enemy
  • 20% of your Armor energy is restored when you eliminate an enemy
  • 30% of your Armor energy is restored when you eliminate an enemy

XP Bonus

  • The in-game XP you receive increases by 5%
  • The in-game XP you receive increases by 10%
  • The in-game XP you receive increases by 15%

Proximity Alarm

  • Automatic warning when an enemy is nearby
  • Increased warning when an enemy is nearby
  • Maximum warning when an enemy is nearby

Auto Armor

  • Automatically activate Armor mode when taking damage

Nanosuit Upgrades Locations

Nanosuits in Crysis 3 are what makes the protagonist of the game, Prophet, a one-man army. However, you can still upgrade your Nanosuit and make Prophet even more lethal and dangerous.

For this purpose, you need upgrade kits. They are the only object you can upgrade your Nanosuit with. Remember, that only four upgrades can be equipped at one time on your Nanosuit. These upgrade kits can be found during the missions. In this section of the guide, we will give you the location of every one of these kits. It is advised that you scan areas to find these upgrade kits.

Mission: Welcome to the Jungle

Upgrade Kits #1 – #4
Pretty basic and impossible to miss. Psycho will point out this bunch of Nanosuit upgrades. This will happen when you are on your way to the Facility.

Upgrade Kits #5
In the jungle, you will get the optional objective of hacking a CELL pod. If you do so and go past the ruined highway, you will find the kit.

Upgrade Kits #6
In the later stages of the mission, you will be exploring a train. An objective marker will appear on a zipline. Use the zipline and after that turn right. Explore the train car to locate this last kit in this mission.

Mission: Root of all Evil

Upgrade Kits #7
In the bunker with the alarm lights. Inside will be a CELL pod. Hack it and the kit will be inside it. It will be in the very early stages of the mission.

Upgrade Kits #8
This kit is located in the northernmost tower of the Dam. More specifically, it is inside a generator beyond a series of terminals.

Upgrade Kits #9
After leaving the Dam, you will have the option of going to the crashed helicopter. There will be a kit in its wreckage.

Upgrade Kits #10
In the underwater cave, there is an optional path to the right. There you will find the kit.

Upgrade Kits #11
This kit is in the pool of water behind the big domed-shaped facility.

Upgrade Kits #12
Try to locate a blue building on the catwalks around the center of the CELL facility.

Mission: Safeties Off

Upgrade Kits #13
After you have passed a Chinese market and are on the second level of a damaged building. There will be a CELL resupply cache on this level. Check inside for the kit. It will be on a counter close by.

Upgrade Kits #14
There will be a zipline and it will be marked as a primary objective. To the left of it will be a doorway, go through it to find the kit on a table inside.

Upgrade Kits #15
This one is inside the CELL lab facility. Search around for a blue supply shack connected to the center ring of the catwalks.

Upgrade Kits #16
When you are going down the stairs to meet Psycho in the lab. You will pass by a room to your right with a kit hanging on a wall.

Mission: Red Star Rising

Upgrade Kits #17
To the right of the big tune that connects the rooftops, get onto the roof on the right and jump down through the ceiling to find the kit.

Upgrade Kits #18
Before reaching your Ceph target, look behind the building out in the open. You will the kit in a small clearing.

Upgrade Kits #19
After receiving Clair’s distress call, you will come by a group of wrecked vehicles. The kit is near one of the destroyed APCs.

Upgrade Kits #20
You will receive an optional objective of destroying the command center defense system. Search beneath the catwalks at the base to locate this kit.

Mission: Only Human

Nanosuit Upgrade Kits #21
Just after your first objective. It can be found inside the CELL ammo cache.

Upgrade Kits #22
While going up, destroy the second Ceph aerial defense. Scan the area to find the kit along with an ammo cache.

Upgrade Kits #23
Just complete the first secondary object in this mission to find this kit inside a cave.

Upgrade Kits #24
Complete the second optional objective of the mission and you will find the kit inside a downed VTOL.

Mission: Gods and Monsters

Upgrade Kits #25
While entering the Ceph part of the underground, you will go through a tight corridor with a small alcove above it and a CELL ammo box on the ledge. Scan and check the ledge to find the last kit.


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