Crusaders of Light Tips and Strategies – Best Class, Daily Rewards, How to Join a Guild, Auto-Navigation

Crusaders of Light Tips and Strategies Guide will tell you all about there is to win in the new team-based MMORPG Crusaders of Light.

Crusaders of Light Tips and Strategies Guide will tell you all about there is to win in the new team-based MMORPG Crusaders of Light. We have detailed all sorts of tips, tricks, and cheats for you to excel in the game. You will be joining up to 40 guild mates to fight with bosses and dungeon raids.

With the help of this Crusaders of Light Tips and Strategies Guide, you will know which class to choose at the start, how to farm and grind easily to level up faster, how to redeem free gifts, completing daily activities and all sorts of other cool tips and tricks to help become the real MVP.

Crusaders of Light Tips and Strategies Guide

Crusaders of Light Tips and Strategies Guide details everything you need to know to be the very best in this mobile MMORPG.

Crusaders of Light Tips and Strategies

Choose the Right Class

For every RPG, the first and the most important question for the player is choosing a class. Luckily for you, we have detailed all 3 classes here so you can easily pick the right class that suits your playstyle the most. There are total three classes in Crusaders of Light. Warrior, Ranger, and Mystic.

Warriors are the tanks in the game. They can take a lot of damage while giving other classes a chance to deal massive damage to the enemy. Warriors are melee fighters and will get up and close with the enemy. They will be at the front line in every battle and it is their task to get the attention of the enemy. If you want a character that can be a leader and take massive amounts of damage while killing the enemies, this class is for you.

This is also the easiest class among all three as you do not need to plan any sort of defense or attack strategy. Simply pick the warrior and be at the front line. Also, it has the least amount of damage so you want to move with your team so they can take care of the enemy while you take the brunt of the battle.

Rangers are the hit and run type of class. If you choose a Ranger, you must find ways to attack the enemy from behind. Avoid head-on battles as they cannot take much damage. Practice hitting your enemies while moving and you will be a good player with this class. Rangers have the most DPS that makes it a great option for the PvP and PvE. If MOBA games are your favorite games then this class is for you.

Mystics are the burst and AoE damage-dealers of the game. This is the most advanced class in the game and requires professional players to fully utilize their potential in battles. This is also the weakest enemies when it comes to HP. They deal the most damage but are also very fragile.  They easily get focused fire. Mystics battle at a good range so you have a good chance of surviving if you are a good player.

Becoming the MVP

To become the MVP in this game, you must be a good team player. This is a team based MMORPG so you must be ready to play with a team. Always try to get focused fire on the enemy and kill the most threatening targets first. If your team mates see that you know what you are doing, they will start following your footsteps. Try to avoid going to opposite way as focused fire is the key to being a good team player and becoming the MVP of this game.

Redeem your Free Gifts

Another way to earn goodies is via different redemptions. If you were successfully pre-registered, use the gift codes to unlock free goodies for you to use in the game. Check your email when you pre-register to check for your promo codes.

Log in daily and you will earn a reward. Continue to log in the game on a daily basis and you will earn bigger rewards as your login streak increase with time. So play daily to increase your chances of earning free gifts daily. Play daily activities and reputation tasks and you will unlock rewards. But know this that the activity points max out at 100 per day.

Another way to earn medals and rewards are by helping lower level players. Every time you help a lower level player, you will earn Altruism medals and leadership rewards. Help them clear out certain tasks and these rewards will be all yours.

Have a Good Reputation

You must try to keep a good reputation in the game as it will greatly benefit you. If you have a good reputation you can unlock exclusive gear. Complete reputation tasks and donate your extra gear and items to earn reputation points. These will improve your reputation among different factions and will grant you access to exclusive items.

Auction House

Crusaders of Light has its own Auction House where you can buy and sell gear and items. You should go and check the Auction House often as sometimes you might find rare gear, mounts, and other items. You can also auction off your own extra stuff to earn easy money.

Join a Guild

Crusaders of Light is a team based MMORPG. It is best played with a team. You must join a guild to meet new people and good team missions. It will give you access to timed events for XP and skills such as the life-skill and harvesting materials. At launch, the game supports up to 200 players so you can easily join any guild and play as a team like this game is supposed to be played.

Less Grinding, More Quests

Unlike most MMORPGs, this game does not favor grinding, instead, it wants you to explore the world and complete quests and then get rewards. Complete as many quests as you can and kill as many enemies and bosses as you can and this game will reward you very handsomely. It also features 40-person raids to earn legendary rewards to boost more team work and skip grinding for leveling up.

Use Auto-Navigation

Another good feature of the game. Instead of squinting at complex maps half of the time, you can use this feature and never get lost again. With this feature, you can easily navigate the world and save precious time usually lost wondering in vain trying to find a specific point of interest.

This concludes our Crusaders of Light Tips and Cheats Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!

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