Crusader Kings 3 Crashes, Launcher, Performance, Game Saves and Other Fixes

Are you experiencing crashes in Crusader Kings 3 or performance issues maybe? Here are some fixes to try out right now.

Crusader Kings 3 is now available, keeping the classic strategy genre in the trends. Even though the game’s release was highly anticipated, there are a few errors and crashes related to Crusader Kings 3 that are plaguing players right now. We compiled a list of issues that you might have faced and how to fix them.

Crusader Kings 3 Crashes on Startup

This is a common security issue for video games and is easily fixable by running the game as administrator and whitelisting it from your anti-virus and firewall settings.

Crashes at startup are more rarely related to your GPU drivers being outdated. You should check your Nvidia or AMD GPU settings and see whether or not you have any pending updates. Install them and then try launching the game again.

In-Game Crashes

Frequent in-game crashes are usually caused by too much strain caused on your CPU and RAM. Close any unwanted browser tabs and programs and see if stability improves.

Some players have also pointed out that disabling Cloud Saving on Steam has improved their performance. It’s worth giving this a try.

Stuttering / Low Performance

Having constant stuttering and low FPS in Crusader Kings 3 is a known issue for the time being and the team is investigating the issue. You can drop them a hint about your situation on their forums about it for the time being.

If you want to try and get rid of the issue by yourself, you can first try playing around with the graphics settings. Most of the times, adjusting graphics settings to their lowest is the best way to identify an issue. See which settings cause the issue and set them lower than normal.

Also, make sure that low performance is not caused by your hardware. An overheated GPU or CPU can cause issues that you cannot identify right away but can cause real harm on your machine.

For what it’s worth, check back with the Paradox Forums to find out when a clear fix for low performance in Crusader Kings 3 will be up.

Save Issues / Crash after Saving

One of the most common reasons for crashes and issues right now in Crusader Kings 3 is saving the game. Players report that saves don’t work and they often cause the game to crash after the procedure. The first thing you might want to do is disable cloud saves and try saving again. If this works and keep settings like this in order to be able to play while Paradox comes with a patch. If this doesn’t work, it might be due to corrupt game files. Go to the game settings and verify its game files in order to fix any issues in the game files. The procedure might take a bit but it has high possibility of fixing your issue.

Cant Start Launcher Error

This issue is thankfully the easiest fix in all of the crash and error issues in Crusader Kings 3 right now. What you want to do is uninstall and reinstall the Paradox Launcher and run it once more. Most players report that this fix has worked for them. If it didn’t try running the launcher as administrator and whitelist it from your anti-virus and firewall.

Here’s a list of all known issues right now, as posted on Steam discussions by the developers:

Issues that can be fixed by users

  • [Compatibility][Win 8.1] Title fails to launch on Win 8.1 until Windows Update is run. This issue is resolved by the player running Windows Update
  • [Compatibility] Out of date drivers can cause the map zoom to ‘lock’ and only zoom in/out on Coat of Arms. This issue is resolved by the player updating their drivers
  • [Mac] Paradox launcher not opening when playing from Steam on macOS Catalina. Verify your fame files to fix this issue (send crash files via our bug reports)

Issues under investigation

  • [Plaza] [Linux] No Achievements available on PDX Plaza on Linux
  • [Engine] [Map Editor] [CTD] – Repacking a heightmap leads to constant crashes (affects modders)
  • [Achievements] Saves are not compatible with any achievement that requires Players to start as specific Character
  • [Save Files] Changing data in one of the save files will disable Load Game functionality
  • [Camera] Camera can turn black and rotate entirely out of view if you have a controller plugged in

Paradox Development Studio is aware of the mass amount of issues present in the game right now and will most likely fix most of them in a patch soon. For the time being, make sure to report any issues you can’t solve by yourself on their forums and help the team out to identify and fix any remaining problems.

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