Criminal Used Xbox to Smuggle Meth Across the Border

Some tried to smuggle 3 pounds of meth by hiding it inside an Xbox console at Nogales, Arizona. US Customs and Border Patrol took action seized the package before it could cross the border.

The authorities caught a 16-year-old from Nogales attempting to transit the Morley Pedestrian crossing into the US from Sonora, Mexico. Unfortunately for him, a narcotics-detecting canine was at the scene who helped authorities catch the kid.

The culprit was caught before being handed over to Homeland Security Investigations. Synthetic drugs have become very common in the United States. According to David Shirk, a professor at the University of San Diego:

That has shifted the marketplace in a way. It means that Mexican illicit-drug exporters have had to … diversify their offerings. They have moved into … heroin as a source of revenue, but also … into other, I would say, synthetic drugs, like MDMA and various forms of methamphetamine.

Meth was packed inside an Xbox console by taking all of its components out. Clearly, they didn’t do a very good job and kudos to narcotics-detecting canine.

Drug transfers are frequently caught at the US-Mexico frontier but this is a unique case of its kind where a Xbox console was used.

Source: Business Insider


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