Creative Assembly, Developer Of Alien: Isolation, Is Now Hiring For Their New IP

You may know Creative Assembly from their previous development project Alien: Isolation and their contribution to the Total War franchise. Now the team is hiring new blood to help them with their next project, which is a new IP and, as the studio states, their biggest effort yet.

Even if you are not interested in applying for a job in Creative Assemble, you can get some pretty cool information about their next project by hints the studio gives on their job descriptions. For instance, the job description for Lead System Designer reads:

“You will lead the Gameplay Systems team, developing the core gameplay systems, such as weapons, movement, abilities, gadgets, health, and other underlying gameplay systems. You will collaborate and communicate closely with the project’s creative leaders to effectively deliver on the vision of the game.”

As you can tell, we are probably talking about an action title with weapons and gadgets so its either a modern or sci-fi themed project. You can see more clues on the job description for Senior Meta Game Designer:

“Working with the Design Director, you will be responsible for defining the range and depth of the meta game. You will be designing and implementing the game’s Meta framework, including economy, progression and retention methods, leaderboards, challenges, world-building, and events.”

Leaderboards? World-Building? Creative Assembly’s next IP seems to be a whole different project than Alien: Isolation since nothing indicates a horror title like their previous one.

There’s also a Lead Technical Artist job opening, but there are no hints about their new IP content. Most of those hints though indicate that this game will be kind of RPG-y but it still remains to be seen if that’s true when an official announcement is made.

Do you think you have what it takes to join Creative Assembly and be part of a whole new IP breaking into the industry? Either way, we can’t wait to find out what is this secret project they are working on.

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