Could Dishonored 2 be Facing Delays?

A change in some artwork for the game has changed the release from "Spring 2016" to "2016", is this a sign that the game's release is set to change?

As the end of the year comes closer the inevitable delays for games coming in 2016 start to be revealed. It appears that for some fans, Bethesda have already hinted at one such delay.

It should be noted that Dishonored 2 hasn’t been delayed yet, though the rumours already appear to have started. It all came from an altered image on Facebook, which appears to have changed the release date from Spring 2016, to just 2016. What could this mean? Probably nothing yet, but it could also hint at the possibility that the release date may not be met.

Giving the year instead of specific time of year for Dishonored 2’s release could mean that Bethesda are simply safeguarding themselves if the release date could slip. With the company having some major releases coming in 2016, including Doom, there are obviously chances that some games may slip, while others will have more of a focus for the company.

Another reason for the change in release date, could be to make the release more flexible for the company. Spring 2016 will see many other major titles released too, and Bethesda may choose to shift Dishonored 2 to a less busy time, to aid its chances of selling well.

There are many reasons as to why the game can be delayed, but the simple fact is there is no official news of any delay yet. The release date of “Spring 2016” was quite open ended as it is, and the altered art work may be a simple design choice to make the image look better. As for any delay? We’ll keep you posted on that one as soon as anything is revealed.


Do you think Dishonored 2’s release date may be slipping? Or is this a case of fans making something out of nothing? Let us know your thoughts below.

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