How to Farm Slimes in Core Keeper

Slimes are monsters that are available commonly throughout Core Keeper. They can be quite annoying to deal with at the start of the game, but some of the items they drop are useful. This guide will explain how to farm Slimes in Core Keeper.

How to Create Slime Mob Farms in Core Keeper

Mob farms are a quick and easy way to kill loads of Slime. However, as there are several different types of Slimes in Core Keeper, creating Mob Farms for them also require different types of items.

For simple Slimes, you will need some ‘Ground Slime,’ for Larva Slime, you will need some ‘Chrysalis,’ and for Poison Slimes, you will require ‘Ground Poison Slime.’

You will also require some Spike traps to set up the Mob farms for the Slimes. The Spike Traps can be crafted at a Tin Workbench, and they require 1x Tin Bar to be crafted. Set the traps up once you have the required items, as seen below.

After setting the traps up like this, use the Slime that you want to farm in the dirt area to spawn the Slimes. Then, you can close the door and get out of there. After a while, many slimes will spawn and then die from the traps, dropping different resources as well.

You can then head in and collect all the resources and then drop in some more slimes to repeat the process.

Core Keeper Slime Drops

In Core Keeper, slimes are a consistent source of materials required for multiple different things like crafting potions, foods, and rare accessories. One item they drop is ‘Slime,’ which is required to craft high-tier items.

Make sure you gather all the Slime you can, as it will be required later in the game.

Another resource that Slimes drop is ‘Heart Berry Seeds.’ These seeds will be quite useful as you can plant and grow crops from them to set up a consistent food supply for yourself.

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