Control Threshold Walkthrough Guide

This Control Walkthrough Guide will include a detailed walkthrough on the fifth story mission Threshold of the game. The mission...

This Control Walkthrough Guide will include a detailed walkthrough on the fifth story mission Threshold of the game. The mission will have you finding Black Rock Prism which will be a bit hard to find and you will encounter some deadly creatures. Some which you can deal with them and some which will kill you as you get close to them. So let’s get into the mission’s walkthrough, shall we?.

Control Threshold Walkthrough Guide

First objective of the mission is to get to Black Rock Processing. Reach the NSC Control Room and go out towards the elevator. Take it and go to the Maintenance Sector. Take a left and enter through the doors. Beware of the Hiss enemies waiting there.

You will come across a bridge at a distance ignore it as you can’t go across it as it has not been lowered. Take the stairs and you will come upon a room filled with turbines. Now here you have to use your launch ability and take out crates from the socket and another crate up ahead also. Go further ahead and take the crates with you. Put the crates ahead into the sockets which will power the door. Then you can see a plug/switch like the one before, pull it thrice.

You’ll arrive once again at the Oceanview Motel. Ring the bell at the front desk until both the doors open. Now what you have to do is that make sure both of the rooms look the same. Go into one room and remember the pattern for example where the chair is, where the table is and where the image should be etc. Then go to the other room and make the same look onto the room. Press the bell outside once you are finished and you can enter the third room. Grab the keys and go to the start of the motel and open the closed door over there. Pull the cord multiple times until you get back into the maintenance sector.

The path/bridge leading to the Black Rock Processing is now accessible. Go right then straight and then drop down. After that go towards the Atlas Chamber. In the office, room deal with the enemies and take control of the control point. Once you have taken over the point go left and talk to Arish in the room. Then continue to go towards Black Rock Processing.

Go towards the box which is glowing red. Interact with it and a new type of Hiss creature will appear. It basically attacks a hefty amount of damage on close range so just let it come close and dodge its attack. After that, you can counter-attack by using your power or guns. After dealing with this foul creature head to the Black Rock Lab.

Walk straight until you arrive at a desk near a TV. That desk has the level 5 clearance card. After that enter Black Rock Quarry and continue until you reach the elevator. Take it to the excavation site and press forward dealing with all the enemies. After that, you have to take control of the control point. After that go straight towards the Black Rock Quarry.

Move forward then drop down and go straight to come across more enemies. Deal with them then move up climbing the rocks to other platforms. Go to the center, now your objective is to throw the batteries into the slots. But obviously nothing is easy, why do I say this?. It’s because a lot of enemies will be coming for you. Once you are finished with the crates/batteries press the button and the wall will explode.

Collect the Black Rock Prism from the explosion spot. Don’t fight with them because you can’t. Ignore them and leave the area. Then fast travel to central executive and then talk to Marshall, this will end the mission.

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