90% Of Console Gaming Will Be Digital In 10 Years Time Says Super Rare Games

Super Rare Games is going to launch a brand for physical Nintendo Switch games and you might think that physical game purchases are dying and you would be right in thinking so. Super Rare Games talked about how 90% of console gaming will be digital in the next 10 years and the following is what Super Rare’s George Perkins had to say in this regard:

The reality of the situation is that it is on its way out. Give it 10 years and I reckon that 90% of console gaming will be digital. It’s a sad but unfortunate truth. The convenience of digital media is unrivalled and it will eventually become the only way of playing games – it won’t be long till consoles don’t even support physical releases. Its fairly bleak for us collectors out there but I hope that Nintendo keep doing what they are doing as I think they are the one company who will still offer the same level of physical releases which we have grown to love.

Buying games digitally are simply easier, you can get the game as soon as it is unlocked, you don’t need to wait for the game to arrive in the mail. The only limiting factor is the internet speed. If you have a fast enough internet then you are good to go. Console gaming is a major chunk of the market that is still buying physical disks as console gamers can get deals on used disks that are not available online.

PC gamers have the advantage of Steam, where you can get regional pricing and there are sales every day that you can take advantage of. Games can be discounted to up to 90% off and that is pretty cool. We all know that digital download is going to dominate in the future and this just confirms that it is not only true for PC gaming but Console gaming as well.

Let us know what you think about the matter and whether or not you agree with this statement.

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