Complete List Of Licensed FIFA 18 Stadiums Revealed By EA Sports

You can now look at the complete list of licensed FIFA 18 stadiums that will be appearing in FIFA 18 when it comes out in September.

EA Sports, the developers of the FIFA games, have unveiled the complete list of licensed FIFA 18 stadiums that will be appearing in the game when it releases in September. The list includes not only European and English stadiums, but soccer stadiums from all over the world among its contents.

As FIFA is a worldwide franchise, it’s not really a surprise that there are a lot of stadiums available in the game in various countries around the world. With the story mode coming in FIFA 18 going to different areas around the world, it’s also not a surprise that new countries are going to need stadiums as well.

A huge number of different new FIFA 18 stadiums are going to be in the game when it releases. These include the Arsenal Emirates Stadium, Crystal Palace’s Selhurst Park, Etihad Stadium in Manchester City, and the West Ham United Stadium in London, and those are just the stadiums used in England’s Premiere League.

The stadiums all come through a variety of leagues and clubs, such as the Premiere League, the Campionato EF.L, mainland Europe’s clubs, and more. Over the course of multiplayer, career mode, and the second part of The Journey story mode, we’ll likely visit a great deal of these different stadiums.

Many, if not all, of these stadiums are also host to at least one soccer team, so for pretty much every stadium we go to we’ll also be seeing a team to go with it. Many of these teams will also make an appearance in the game’s story mode, as Alex Hunter, the story’s protagonist, has the option to head to the Continent to a new team, where he can play with some of the FIFA greats.

You can follow this link for the full list of FIFA 18 stadiums, and be on the lookout when the game releases for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 29.

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