Meet Commit Assistant, Ubisoft’s Machine Learning AI Assistant That Detect Bugs Before They Make It To The Game

As the video games are getting bigger, the potential of bugs making it to the final game code has increased and even Ubisoft is not immune to this, however, Ubisoft has introduced “Commit Assistant” an AI assistant that uses machine learning to spot bugs.

Ubisoft announced, “Commit Assistant” at a developer conference in Montreal. The goal of this AI assistant is to save developer cost and time while trying to detect bugs.

Commit Assistant is composed of ten years worth of game code from Ubisoft’s own library. With machine learning capabilities, the AI assistant will increase its library by leaning through its mistakes and errors and will be able to predict potential bugs and mistakes in the game code.

Currently, Commit Assistant can only detect 6 out of 10 bugs and will only raise a false alarm for a bug or mistake 30% of the time. However, with time the false alarms will reduce as its library of code increases.

Once an error is detected by the AI assistant, it will try to zero in on the likely cause of the issue and also suggests fixes to developers and programmers.

Speaking with Wired, Ubisoft’s R&D head, Yves Jacquier, also talked about how this AI assistant will change the workings of Ubisoft’s own studios.

The most important part, in terms of change management, is just to make sure that you take people on board to show them that you’re totally transparent with what you’re doing with AI – what it can do, the way you get the data. The fact that when you show a programmer statistics that say ‘hey, apparently you’re making a bug!’, you want him or her to realise that it’s a tool to help and go faster. The way we envisage AI for such systems is really an enabler. If you don’t want to use that, fine, don’t use it. It’s just another tool.

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Source: Wired

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