Command & Conquer Remasters Teased For Franchise’s 25th Anniversary

It has been a while since any Command & Conquer game was released in PC and now, EA is teasing Command & Conquer remasters on PC.

Command & Conquer is one of the most popular real-time strategy video games. However, it has been a while since any Command & Conquer game was released on PC and the upcoming game is a mobile tile. Now, EA is teasing Command & Conquer remasters on PC.

For the 25th anniversary of the franchise, EA is considering Command & Conquer remasters on PC. As noted by EA producer Jim Vessella, fans of the franchise aren’t particularly thrilled with the mobile title and EA is listening to them.

As most of you may know we recently announced Command & Conquer: Rivals, a mobile game set in the Command & Conquer universe. Following the reveal of Rivals, we heard you loud and clear: the… community also wants to see the franchise return to PC.

Vessella added that EA is exploring some ideas for the franchise’s 25th anniversary which are Command & Conquer remasters. Not only that, EA already has “the ball rolling on our first effort to celebrate the upcoming 25th Year Anniversary”.

He added that as a “fan and developer” of the Command & Conquer franchise is just as passionate as any other fan. He noted that EA is open to fan feedback as it will “help influence our current thoughts for PC and what comes next”.

However, Before we even get to see these remasters, EA will be releasing Command & Conquer to mobile with Command & Conquer: Rivals.

Command & Conquer: Rivals is a thrilling, competitive experience built to define Real-Time Strategy for Mobile. Featuring intense, 1v1 real-time matches with rival commanders, you test your skills in combat in the War for Tiberium. Master the battlefield with continuous control of your forces, crush your rivals, and lead your army to victory.

While this is good news for hardcore fans but, there are still 2 years before the franchise’s 25th anniversary. So it will be a while before we get to see Command & Conquer Remasters on PC.

Source: Reddit

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